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IKEA utilised the capabilities of mobile by creating a mobile app, which transformed its catalogue into an interactive platform. Bitcoin billionaire is a mobile game where you tap to get virtual bitcoins and build your bitcoin empire. All of these mobile campaigns have something in common, they seek to engage the users and leave them feeling happy with the brand rather than annoyed by having their day interrupted by an intrusive ad.
Many also utilise the unique properties of mobile, such as touch screen, location tracking, and having an in-built camera. While metrics and key performance indicators drive relevant and important information, direct customer feedback both empowers marketing strategies and enhances communication quality.
Depending upon your marketing strategy’s timing dynamics, customers might be willing to supply direct insight.
Every strategy takes time to complete, but your current marketing efforts can greatly enhance any new, mobile-based strategies.
Here are Some of the mind blowing Mobile Marketing Stats for stronger promoting which will upgrade your current marketing campaign one way or the other. The widespread growth of mobile convenience technology has forever changed users’ interactions with the advertising world. Similarly, location-based marketing using beacons may begin to be tuned out as mobile users find themselves targeted and interrupted at every turn, so that walking by a strip of retail shops becomes a bit of a mobile advertising gauntlet. These three salient industry insights will prove invaluable to small businesses looking to distinguish themselves from their competitors’ attempts to engage audiences on their mobile devices. Jam presented viral marketing and optimizing our business and personal visibility on the internet at an international summit I attended, and he exceeded every expectation of those in attendance. So here at Smart Insights we thought that it would be good to showcase some examples of really effective mobile marketing campaigns to inspire mobile marketers everywhere. Hiscox targeted people logging into Wi-Fi hotspots via mobile near a series of large outdoor boards around Covent Garden. The other examples have been showing how brands can use mobile ads or apps to market their products.

Through Trumpia’s SMS and marketing automation solution he helps businesses and organizations communicate effectively with their customers or members.
Retailers, online sellers and service providers all place emphasis on customer-centric strategies, and mobile marketing has only increased the game’s limits. While any mobile marketing campaign takes time, a few combinations can drastically slice off expenses while driving direct connection. A single star app rating increase can spike downloads by over 340 percent, and first-page app store placement can determine a mobile marketing strategy’s success or demise.  Additionally, 60 percent of mobile-based consumers utilize their device as a primary internet access source. Successful customer-centric mobile marketing strategies prioritize testing—and for good reason. Where advertisers used to target their marketing campaigns towards televised commercials in multi-million dollar campaigns, mobile screens are now the first and most frequent screens that users encounter in their day. As the public opinion begins to shift, companies will begin to dial back the location-based marketing in favour of more intent-oriented transmissions, aiming to win back positive associations by providing useful and branded weather, news, event, and traffic updates instead. With so many companies harvesting user data to customize advertising campaigns, the negative changes in public perceptions of the security of their personal information could impact how big brands do business.
ClickTecs experts are standing by to help guide small businesses towards an informed and innovative marketing approach in 2015, possessing the industry knowledge needed to steer companies towards relevant, welcome, and secure mobile marketing solutions. It won't surprise you to know that over half of total Internet traffic now comes from mobile devices, and this figure is only going to increase.
The beauty of the campaign is that it makes users associate Audi with efficiency whilst proving them with a helpful service. Trumpia is offering a free Mobile Marketing Success Kit so don’t forget to grab your free copy. Becoming customer-centric isn’t difficult, and mobile devices carry a slew of options for crafting the perfect consumer-positive model. The marketing sales funnel, more than ever, has been impacted by mobile marketing’s positive attributes. Primarily, customer communication will be your goal, as customer-centric mobile marketing models are driven by immediate response, dynamic interaction and complex organization.

Websites, blogs, social media pages, banners, advertisements, text campaigns and email services all contribute to a mobile marketing campaign’s customer-centric viability.
The rapid expansion of mobile technology has serious implications for the marketing game, and with mobile devices being the most streamlined avenue for brands to expose themselves to potential customers, small businesses will need to adapt to this new and rapidly-evolving marketing medium. This creative approach meant that app got 6.2 million installs, being the number 1 downloaded marketing app for a brand. Do get creative, think outside the box and do something that can only be achieved on mobile devices.
Internet advertisement revenue has jumped 19 percent in 2015’s first quarter due to mobile marketing’s impact, and expanding technology has only created more opportunities.
As with most top-tier services, a mobile marketing program done right won’t be noticed at all.
Examine which customers make repeat purchases, and drive your customer-centric marketing model to integrate gathered key performance indicators. Social-to-direct-communication relationships are your end goal, as customer-centric campaigns begin at the funnel’s top.
Customer-centric mobile marketing plans are greatly enhanced by the consumer’s brand dedication. The ClickTecs team would like to share three mobile marketing changes that small business owners can expect in 2015. A study by eMarketer shows US mobile ad spend is due to increase by a whopping 50% this year, to account for 49% of digital ad spending.
Customer equity, customer lifetime value and other retention-specific markers can be used to determine your mobile marketing strategies newest angle.

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