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Magazine Reading in Australia  does not seem to be a very popular hobby  with many , as one more popular business magazine bites the dust . In 1959, TIME magazine published its first edition for Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.  Time mag focuses on  unique, insightful articles , online media and analysis on important issues, interests and concerns in the South Pacific and the rest of the world.
Australian Business Solutions magazine covers practical, inspiring and useable advice from an incredible range of exceptional business mentors. New Wealth Creator magazine covers entrepreneurs news and advice and forms profiles of successful entrepreneurs to how-to guides for running your business, investing in property or making money from the stock market.

Aggregating the best information from the business reports and research from Australia business and industry and providing useful Australian listings for business. Fairfax Media  recently announced  that they are closing the print edition of BRW magazine after 32 years,  due to restructuring and a overhaul of its print operations. Not too long ago men’s magazine FHM AUSTRALIA also announced that they were going to close shop, with ralph Australia also shutting down. On the other side of the world his counterpart Keith Rupert Murdoch--impeccably dressed, ruthless and hungry for success--began with one small Australian newspaper and parlayed it into 125 newspapers and magazines around the globe, the Fox, Inc.

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