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As more and more people are looking for a plan B in the current economic downturn I have decided to list some small business marketing ideas that will enable local or home businesses feature along with the “Big Boys” on page one of the search engine rankings. Well for starters it is a fact that 94% of businesses are now found using the internet and by learning some simple marketing strategies you would be able to promote your business in a way that is considerably cheaper (and probably a lot more effective) than newspaper adverts and get your business found locally.
If your business is brand new – ask your family or close friends to add something to their emails about your new business and be sure to ask them for recommendations and referrals.  You could even ask your local newspaper store to add a flyer in their deliveries about your business with your website details and the promise of a free gift or discount.
Once you have their email addresses you can use a simple Auto-responder mailing service like Aweber or GVO to  send out either a series of automated emails or an email blast to notify them of  special offers.  (You can create the opt-in form on the emailing system too – it’s very simple to do). In addition to the training I provide, I also provide access to my private facebook group where you can ask any questions you like as it is full of business owners from all around the world.
If you would like to find out more about how this could work for you or would like some more small business marketing ideas, then just fill out the form here and my assistant will be in touch with you to arrange a free and no obligation consultation with me. If you are sick of tiny pay checks and would like to generate more leads and sales for your business whilst building your brand and giving value to your prospects then Click Here to find out more. Enter your email address to get this free PDF Blueprint and join my FREE Facebook Marketing Coaching Group. A blog is a superb way to communicate directly with others and is FREE on sites for ex: wordpress.
If you haven’t implemented Facebook or Twitter to your marketing plan, do this immediately.

Companies for ex: Mail-chimp allow it to be easy to create a database list and allow you to easily design a professional newsletter template. Whatever your business is small or big, make sure you ask for testimonials and use them! Make sure the testimonials are unqiue and genuine and go into a must little detail.
So, if you haven’t already mapped out a robust and result-oriented holiday marketing plan, I strongly recommend you start right NOW. Join me in the comments and share what will YOU be actioning to create a holiday marketing campaign that’ll have the cash register jingling all the way!
You see your blog is your own prime piece of advertising space and by learning some simple marketing strategies to get people over to your website, it is actually very easy to  rank your website on the front page of the search engines. When times are tough you will likely be promoting your small business on a very tight budget.
I'm experienced and very passionate about SEO + Marketing + Advertising and Link Building Techniques with nearly a decade of hands-on experience. For each blog post, email, social media network and other marketing campaigns, have clear-cut goals and objectives.
A well-planned and carefully crafted email marketing campaign can do wonders to your sales and customer experience. These small business marketing ideas will get your mind working on ways to increase your marketing for little to no money. Below are Best 20 Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses.

You can share your Knowlegde with potential prospects which will help generate followers and enquiries. A blog is very easy to set up and maintain, it takes very little technical knowledge and it is great for website SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
Make them an offer or deal for the spare space, you are able to often get greatly reduced advertising rates.
Always have a good quality blog which also have the social buttons that will make it easier for your readers to like or share your posts.
Try to implement one a week into your business to see how it can help you increase sales over the next 12 months. Check for ease of navigation, typos, clear holiday messaging and make sure that all the links work properly. We share actionable copywriting and social media tips, lessons that we’ve learnt as we built a 6-figure business, easy-as-pie strategies to help you free up time, earn more and enjoy life while you do it all.

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