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Animated videos tell a story way better than simple pictures can and sometimes even better than live action videos.  You can in fact project ideas way better than any live action video can using an animated video.
Whether you are a Newbie, a Startup Founder, a social media marketer or an expert level DIY animated video maker, Animaker offers studio standard features to make your animated explainer videos with unmatchable quality. Break free from the traditional drag and drop routines and create stunning videos with Animaker's extensive pre-animated assets library.
Find, use and tinker with thousands of pre-animated assets -- each with inbuilt animation effects, awesome expressions, and super cool backgrounds.

Animaker is a shockingly simple, yet an awesome DIY video making app to create studio quality videos.
Animaker is here to help everyone create studio standard animated videos like never before. You can make animations online for such things as explainer videos, animated infographics, marketing videos, demo videos, and much more.  Video animation lends itself to almost all types of business video applications. It helps to create Animated presentations, Explainer videos & Video Infographics like never before.

Edit and Play, That's Animaker - 10X Better than other Online Animation Video Making software (#DIY).

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