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You will want each image to have a different motion than what you previously drew to indicate movement.
An active online community windows movie maker, An active online community for users of windows movie maker video editing software.. Dvolver MovieMaker is a free online tool that allows you to create cartoon movies animation, with the ready-to-use comic background, scene, animation graphics and tools like main characters, text to say, background music and so on. You can send the animations to friends, share the link or embed it to your webpages once you have finished creating your movie clips.
Use it to make some funny animated cartoon movies and comedies online, I am sure your friends will love it.

Although I have been working for a long time looking at the list above make me realize that I have still a lot to learn.
Here is one of the best studio programs, best software for animations, a good 2d animation software called Web Cartoon Maker. Unlike other 2d animation softwares this animation tool doesn’t have wysiwyg editor to drag and drop images or make them move using few button clicks. Web Cartoon maker creates original 2D animation movie.Web Cartoon Maker is an online tool for making animated 2D cartoons. Once you’ve created cartoons using this tool, you can convert them into AVI video file, upload it to YouTube HD or even convert them into dvd or blu ray.

Unlike much other similar software, Web Cartoon Maker does not pretend to be a so called WYSIWYG (or What You See Is What You Get) tool.
It allows you to program your cartoons, using a programming language (UnderC C++ interpreter installed on its server).It may sound difficult at first sight, but with few line of codes you can move your cartoon characters easily. Only if you have WCM player installed in your computer, you can watch the animation preview.You can download webcartoon maker For a limited time I'm sharing some select Tips and Tricks and How-To Guides for FREE.

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