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Autodeskx Smoke professional video editing and effects software for Mac is designed to meet the needs of video editors who need to do more than just edit By integrating a familiar timeline workflow and node-based compositing, Smoke connects editing and effects like never before. Autodesk is making Autodesk Smoke 2013 video editing software, a completely redesigned and repackaged pre-release version of its all-in-one video editing and visual effects tool for the Mac, available as a free trial download. Autodesk is releasing a free trial version of its redesigned Smoke for Mac video editing software. In mid-April, Smoke 2013 was introduced at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention in Las Vegas to standing room-only crowds at the Autodesk booth and internationally, via social media and the AREA Virtual NAB.
Video editing is a competitive market, with Apple, Adobe, and Sony only three of many companies with products.

Flexible System Requirements: Runs on most Apple iMac and MacBook Pro systems using high-bandwidth Thunderbolt storage and IO.
OpenShot video editor free software developers announced the successful completing campaign on Kickstarter, in which 13 days were collected almost 24 thousand dollars out of a planned 20,000.
The funds will be spent for the development of cross-platform version of the editor, able to work not only in Linux, but in Windows and Mac OS X. In particular, the developers intend to make the integration of the new multi-platform video editing engine, significantly redesigned user interface (for example, to prepare a multi-platform implementation of the interface and the time scale that was created with HTML5, JQuery, CSS and WebKit), to optimize the performance and memory consumption, to support additional formats. Smoke video editing software for Mac includes finishing tools for 3D compositing, color correction, and motion graphics This all-in-one workflow eliminates the need for round-tripping between multiple creative applications and provides a fast and iterative creative environment for storytelling.

Tell your story and work fast with essential video editing and effects tools where you need them.
Autodesk says the three-month pre-release trial period will afford users the opportunity to not only experiment with the unified editing and effects workflow, but also to provide additional feedback to developers.

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