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Mac is one of the best devices for video editing and many number of software for Mac is available in the market for paid and free. Wondershare is the powerful video editor for Mac than other software available in the market. You can add pictures, subtitles, modify contrast and color, import and export videos, sound effects and much more. It also offers many sound effects for users to select the suitable background music for video. Avidemux is one of the great and free video editors for Mac which is simple and easy to use. We hope this article will be helpful for you in finding your best video editing software for Mac. When you are about to plunge into the world of creative video editing, the first question that might pop up is which application do I select to start your journey! There are loads of software that help you to achieve your expectations by editing or touching up videos. Windows Movie maker:  Windows movie maker is an amazing and simple video editing software that is freely available for download.
Corel® VideoStudio® Pro X4 is the powerful, creative and easy way to take your video footage from shoot to show—fast.
Sony Vegas Video Studio: Vegas Movie Studio Platinum Edition software has everything needed to produce spectacular HD movies.
Avid Liquid: Avid Liquid is a professional video editing software that can be purchased from the hyperlink provided here. Pinnacle VideoSpin: is a popular and very impressive video editing tool that is very feature rich, helping you to touchup, grade and edit videos in a professional manner.
ShowBiz DVD: is a simple yet powerful software application that has everything you need to edit home videos and create professional looking DVDs. Take Home: All of the above list are great software that works great, its up to you  decide which one to use. If you are having a difficult time deciding on a premium editing software that will provide you with the best video editing features and video quality, take a look at the 10 Best Video Editing Software presented below. Landing on first rank out of other 10 Best Video Editing Software, it offers pro-level tools that allow beginners and hobbyists to complete and create projects efficiently.

Second among the 10 Best Video Editing Software, this software simplifies video editing into three basic processes: capture, edit, and share. This software not only allows users to edit but it also offers the fundamentals in video editing by providing training on how to use the features efficiently.
This software is considered to be one of the most user-friendly and flexible video editing software created.
Having the second half of our list of 10 Best Video Editing Software, on the sixth place is the Pinnacle Studio 17. This software supplies the user with easy-to-use and easy-to-understand tools and organized interface for easier utilization of its features. Being the least expensive software among the other 10 Best Video Editing Software, it tries to compete with the other software by providing the same wide variety of templates, effects and transitions. For the last software, this one does not offer a lot of transitions and video effects, however, it provides an option in using a wizard in making a movie. Creating and editing videos may require a huge amount of background and skills but the list of the 10 Best Video Editing software is just the list you need to have the best experience and create high quality videos.
Some professional video editing software costs higher than others, but delivers better performance.
It is offered with many great features like one step effect, audio editing, movie trailer, visual effects, etc.
It is highly compatible with many images, audio and video file formats like MPEG, ASF, JPG, AAC, MOV, etc.
You can use this software to capture, export video, organize, edit process, create slide shows and quality movies. Video Editing needs a jump start and its very difficult to get the knack of using the applications available for grading and touching up the videos. This version of the software provides the latest 64-bit architecture which supports ultra HD video qualities. Not only does it enable users to edit movies and videos, it also allows its users to edit photos and music. Just like other video editing software, it provides a variety of templates and video effects. It is good for making simple videos and creating these videos also requires simple steps: choosing a particular effect or template and simply dragging it to the timeline.

Although some of its functions and features are a little more complicated, the software is proud of its tech support team which immediately answers queries and emails regarding the product. You can make use of this software to add various effects, subtitles, background music and more to improve the overall quality of a video. Before purchasing video editing software you have to consider many things like editing tools, export and production, capture and playback, ease of use, etc.
You can improve your video production process by using the various features and creative tools offered by this software. Included are innovative stereoscopic 3D tools, powerful features for video composting, color correction, and soundtrack creation for feature-film results in your home studio.
The availability of over a hundred templates, transitions and video effects stirs more possibilities of making more creative video projects. It contains a package with an independent music editor that can be utilized in creating soundtracks for video creations. In this article we have enclosed a list of best video editing software for Mac 2014-2015 by ensuring all the above features. You can use it for texturing, animating, skinning, rendering, smoke stimulation, non linear editing, compositing, rigging, UV unwrapping, etc.
It allows you to import videos from external source and shuffle them to create a new video to share with others. This software is used by professionals, students, artists, animators and game artists around the world. To improve the production of video you can add pictures and text or other effects using this software. In this case, the user can say goodbye to manually transferring files from one folder to another software.
With the use of 3D graphics application you can create video games, animated films and other visual effects. After making all changes with the video you can directly upload it to sites like YouTube, Facebook, etc.

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