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Last week we learned the basics of video editing, covering everything from the general workflow to special effects and color correction to a primer on encoding and delivery. These lessons concentrate primarily on editing video in Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro, but that doesn't mean they won't be helpful for other editing software. Before you get started editing any video in a professional, you need to understand your environment. Special effects and color correction are some of the more fun parts of video editing because you get to manipulate the picture and create some pretty neat, visually-appealing effects.

In our last lesson, we'll get your footage ready for delivery by learning about the built-in video export methods in both Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro. If you want to keep learning more about video editing, here are some additional resources and additional video editing options to help you out.
The idea behind having the lessons with both applications is to demonstrate that when you learn one editing application it's pretty easy to learn another. While we're not going to learn to be special effects masters in this lesson, we'll take a look at basic color correction and effects that you can pick up pretty quickly to create some awesome results.

Most of the stuff is the same, and these lessons mainly concentrate on the sorts of things all video editing software can do.
If you want to learn Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro, that's great, but if you'd prefer to learn other editing software you shouldn't feel like these lessons don't apply to you, too.

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