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At WSI Matrix Consulting, we understand just how important it is to stay ahead of the game when it comes to online marketing. Avid readers of our Internet marketing blog will know just how passionate we are about our industry and that we favour bite-sized nuggets of information, quick tips and short guides on how to market your online business effectively. It’s not only about what’s new – while the world of online marketing is constantly evolving, we never lose sight of the tried and tested techniques of old that continue to bring excellent returns. We only take a few moments of your time – in just a few minutes you could have read one of our blogs and been enlightened with some practical marketing information that could really turn your business around. We are real people with a real passion – unlike many marketing blogs, we offer sound advice from real people at the end of the phone. TweetBlogs used as a marketing tool is not something new, but anyone who’s had the challenge of driving up traffic for a blog will tell you that blogs also have to be promoted.

Search engine marketing (SEM) and social media marketing (SMM) are two of the major ways you can promote your blog. Social media marketing, on the other hand, taps into the numerous social media sites to give your blog more visibility. Best Spam Filter Tools for Your BlogSpam may be a normal part of blogs, websites including the social networking ones and emails but they don’t have to be there. That means keeping our eyes and ears open to learn about new marketing innovations, search engine updates, consumer trends and anything else that may help our clients get the best returns on their marketing investment. And unless you are already a famous person or blogging for a huge brand, then you can bet that you’ll need to work hard to get the word out on your blog if you want to see those page views go up. However, according to a recent study published by the Content Marketing Institute, about half of the marketing industry still struggles to create an effective content marketing campaign.

It means also means learning how to make use of other internet marketing tools, such as search engine marketing and social media marketing. Keep in mind that while launching a marketing campaign for your blog in more than one site will allow you to reach a wider audience, it is important that you only participate on platforms that will showcase your content best and that you can assure your active participation in.

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