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Many kinds of camera such as GoPro HD Hero can shoot MP4 file videos in three different resolutions at 1920 x 1080p, 1280 x 960p, 1280 x 720p in 30 and 60 fps (720p) in MP4, H.264 format, and also it can record video in standard definition 848 x 480 (60 fps) WVGA format. Step2: Connect GoPro to Mac with USB cable, and the program will auto detected your camcorder, following the Camcorder Wizard to import the MP4 video to the desktop. Step 6: Finally, Click the Convert button to start save the edited Gopro video files on your Mac. GoPro videos are of exceptional quality and, if they're edited carefully, can become really awesome mini-movies. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create a video recorded using a GoPro Hero, from the point of importing, through to exporting, and everything in between. Before you begin assembling the video, you can already start cutting any unnecessary sections that you want to delete. Click on one of the thumbnails in the left column and then on Play, in the bottom center, to start watching the clips.
When the videos are ready to be converted, the Proceed to step 2 option will appear at the bottom right of the screen.
On the next screen, GoPro Studio offers you 2 alternatives: create a video from scratch, or use one of the templates in the software. Then, drag the title from the left column into the box in the bottom right hand corner, next to the video camera and the  Drag videos here option, as shown in the image below. If you want the text to appear superimposed on the video, drag it to the second line, where you see Drag title here.

Similar to the import stage, you can also change the duration of each clip using the brackets at the bottom left of the preview screen, or by dragging the yellow lines in the video bar. When you've finished adding each clip, you can create a fade out effect to avoid the video being cut off abruptly. To do this, click on the last clip in the timeline. When you've finished editing the video, all you have to do is export it by clicking on the Export tab. If you're interested in video editing, check out our tutorial on How to edit videos using Free Video Dub. Generally speaking, MP4 file format is well compatible with Mac software like QuickTime player, iTunes, etc.
This tutorial will recommend you the Gopro Video Editing for Mac tool, which can help you edit the HD Gopro video with ease on Mac os x.
Then click "Add File" button to browse and input the MP4 video to the GoPro Editing Mac program. If you choose the template option, all you have to do is replace the videos with your files.
Next, a window will open, where you can choose which video format you want to export it to. There are lots of video types, each suitable for different needs and devices.

You've edited your first GoPro video and can upload it to Vimeo, import it to your smartphone, or project it onto your TV to show your family and friends. To solve the problem, you need to convert Gopro file to iMovie compatible file formats like H.264, MOV or DV. Moreover, it can also act as Mac GoPro HD video editing software, which can run on Mac Mountain Lion, Lion OSX, Snow Leopard, etc. When it is successfully converted, a pop-up windows will show you the destination of generated video.
Then, what you need is to directly import the generated file into iMovie for further editing.

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