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In the next step you will be provided with the chance to either start creating a slideshow (Presentation Mode) or Video Clip (Movie Mode). Once you have selected a preferred mode for creating your presentation, you will be asked to select a style.
After selecting a presentation style, you can pick a ready-made template to create your presentation or begin from scratch by using the Blank template.
You can also play and edit your video within the PowToon interface and download the created video, upload it to YouTube in HD format and share it across Facebook. To begin creating your own video presentations, try PowToon by going to the link given below. I have an account already I have finished an animation once but couldn’t download it.
Free animation software is so important because making explainer videos for your website is usually very, very expensive.
PowToon offers a free animation software tool that runs on windows or mac processing systems, and the best part is that you don’t need an animator to use it!
Flash is a great program, but for business owners, marketers, and basic users it is just too much, and it is definitely NOT FREE animation software.
It’s free for anyone to use with the PowToon logo on the video and the PowToon¬†outro at the end of your video, but you can remove both of these things, and gain access to fantastic premium characters, for a very reasonable price. While PowToon is a paid service you can sign up for a free 14-day trial version, with the option to create video presentations up to 5 minutes, export up to 10 HD videos to YouTube, download created videos and after the expiration of your trial free plan will remain active with a 45 sec time limit. So if there were a software where you can just use an export command and get your video it would be better. It is a web service which allows creating video presentations by editing out ready-made video templates. For example, the Picto mode allows creating animated video presentations with characters in black color, whereas the Label style may be more appropriate for brand advertisement. There are also arrows, squares, text that is written with an animated hand or a hand that brings the objects!

A professional animation studio will charge upwards of $3,000 for a one minute animated video, which is still much cheaper than doing a live action movie. Choose your characters, props, and scene, drag and drop them into the PowToon editor, and select the animation you want to apply.
You can either create a presentation or exercise from scratch or pick one of the ready made exercises to customise then assign or simply assign it to your students.
Since the PowToon program runs on the web, Mac and Windows users can use it freely to animate their videos without worry. It lets you add advanced effects, transitions and animated titles and when you are done, export this to high resolution MP4 or to YouTube.Then there is AudioEditor, the online audio editor for recording, slicing and mixing audio to produce your own audio clips and soundscapes.
Used by big names such as Starbucks, Cisco, Pfizer and Ebay, the tool is completely free to sign up.
The Powtoon experience is also customised for Student, Teacher, Video Artist or Animator, Small Business Owner, Entrepreneur and Marketing Professional.Once you have logged in, use one of the ready made Powtoons and there are hundreds of them in different categories. Categories suitable for Education include Animated Greeting Card, Personal Resume, Explainer Video, Stats, Events, School, About Us, Training, Fundraising, Product showcase, Infographics and Tutorial.You can also start from scratch, not completely from a blank sheet but there is that option if you want. You will also have to use the video with PowToon branding and you have no monetization rights on the video. You can however import your own artwork.Education PlanEducation establishment can enjoy a different price plan, starting from just $1 a month for single user, $8 a month for a teacher and 60 students or $2 a month for teacher only. When using the web app for the first time, you will get a quick tutorial video to help you navigate and use the app.The web interface is one of the easier and simplest that we have seen. You also get unlimited download in web quality (480px).For the ultimate package, the Pro plan at $49 per month, you get to create presentations up to 15 minutes long, access to more than 50 tracks and more than 1300 images.
The one off payment gives you a MP4 video produced with Adobe After Effects using your chosen high quality template complete with 3D graphics and special effects.What this means is that you go away with a Full HD video (1920 x 1080) without watermark. Unfortunately there is no free plan so you will just have to sign up to try an dsee if you like it. There is the typical whiteboard animation, business friendly charts and visuals, comedy, cartoon, stick figure, anime, peeps, ninja, space and more.Upon sign up, you get a quick on screen tutorial.

With GoPublish, you can create animation videos up to 720p with watermark, while GoPremium gives you Full HD at 1080p without watermark.
Reserved for the tinkerers and savvy online users with time to experiment and learn to use this powerful this CSS3 and HTML5 animation tool.Mixeek is completely free, all you need is to register for it.
With ready made clip arts and easy drag and drop interface, you will be up with your first VideoScribe in no time.To start, you will need to download and install the application locally on to your computer. While your files will be hosted in the cloud, the application runs mostly locally.Start by creating a canvas, a giant whiteboard, then add your image with options from the library (locally or online) or upload you own. Sign up for free and start creating your very own animated video.Everything is done online so there is no application to install. You will start with an on screen interactive tour of the application that shows you all the steps needed to create animated content.First drag and drop an object from the Moovly library on the left menu. You can increase or decrease the time the object appears by dragging the time bar of the object.Next, choose an animation for the object by clicking on Choose animation and select from the drop down menu. You can also expand the timing and duration of the animation effect.To add text, click on the Text icon on the top bar, then click on the stage to place the text and start typing.
You can choose different format settings for your text from the right sidebar menu.Finally, you can choose to upload your own sound file, images or record your voice over to add to the animation. However, you can only export this in Standard Definition (480p) and have access to the Doodle Market library and the Infographics library. The sheer simplicity of the tool where you upload a bunch of photos, some video clips, pick a song, pick a style and let Animoto mix it up to create a stunning video slideshow deserves a mention.

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