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Edit your videos on mobile app is very light-weight and give you a great feature which is almost used in a paid apps.!! Edit your videos on mobile app is way to create, editing, Get this powerful and easy to use toryboard style videos editor for exporting videos to social media. Nowadays there're plenty video editing apps that fulfill specific roles, like just adding music or making video slideshows out of the photos you already have, but there's video little choice when it comes to powerful apps that enables you to edit videos, add filters, make transitions and share to your social networks all in one package. If you want a more powerful application to make professional-looking movie, you can resort to a desktop application like Wondershare Filmora (originally Wondershare Video Editor).
Magisto is really a magical video editor which add effects and beauty to the videos and images. A simple but very useful app which enables the recording feature of your iPad screen and touches.
As its name gives all the knowledge about the app, it is super cool and free iPad app which is popular for its high quality output file. Edit your videos like a professional through your iPad, yes this tool is completely professional and free to download through iTunes. A Gizmodo Recommended app for iPad and iPhone users which is totally free to use and very easy to understand.
Pinnacle Studio is an advance video editing app that comes with many useful tools such as media organizer, video editor and enhancer, sound effects, voice-over option and social sharing feature.

In this section, you will learn how to choose the right video editing software for your project, covering budgets from free to sufficient.
Last week we looked at the Padcaster, which makes it possible to connect enough extra devices to your Apple tablet to transform it into a powerful video camera setup. You can pull in all the media (video and audio clips, and photos) on your iPad, or from external devices (with the optional, sold-separately iPad Camera Connection Kit), or even capture photos and videos from within the app itself.
It includes all basic editing tools you'll need, like video clipping, rotation, splitting, color adjustment, voiceover recording, etc.
It lets you carry out some simple video editing tasks and apply a range of different video themes. This free iPad video editor let you easily splice together HD photos and videos into a good looking movie for playing on iPad or sharing online.
It allows you to edit your videos, photos and audio files but features a very easy-to-use interface as well.
Browse other useful video editing tips offered in Filmroa by navigating the categories below. You can trim video clips down to a specific frame, and do basic sound correction on audio files. Pinnacle Studio plays back in full-screen mode on the iPad, and outputs at 1080p resolution so everyone can see your work looking its best.

But given how much else you can do without first moving your video to your main computer, it’s a more-than-acceptable trade-off. It provides you with features very close to a full video editing software on computer, including background music, sound effects, transitions, borders, motion effects, trim video and audio, voiceover, and much more. With it, you can enhance your videos easily to upload videos to Vimeo, or save back to your Camera Roll for uploading wherever you wish.
As its name suggests it's an instant video editor, it's true it takes very less time to create a movie. As described by its developer team, it's the fast and easy to use video editor that let you edit and share your video clips on iOS devices.
It features easy to cut and merge videos together with few touches and also gives some effects like fade in and fade out of a image in slideshow. With more money, you can also add photos, music, and voiceovers to your video to create unique photo slideshows.

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