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Selected number of hoteliers, who have the opportunity to take part in a closed beta testing of the software, prior to the official public launch in early October, 2013. A cloud-based solution, WIHPConnect is the most advanced digital marketing software on the market, offering hoteliers significant competitive advantages over existing resources.
WIHPConnect integrates the most powerful WIHP solutions under one roof: hoteliers will have access to the most advanced website building platform that integrates the Sabre Hospitality's Guest Connect Booking Engine, which reduces booking time for consumers by over 40% and offers a unique sales tool for independent hotels. ByTech specializes in developing tourism web sites with sophisticated management and reservations systems. ByTech’s customers are predominantly hotels, guest houses, specialized travel agents and tourist attractions.
ByTech has developed the TBC reservation system, used by hoteliers for marketing and sales online.
ByTech has 15 years of experience in the online marketing field with success and results of first place in desirable keywords and phrases.

WIHP, the hotel marketing agency that developed the software, invites hoteliers interested in testing the platform and offering feedback, to request early access. Under one roof, hoteliers have access to in-depth analytics, comprehensive sales and marketing tools, as well as media monitoring tools and reports that can be accessed on-the-go, anytime, anywhere. Hotels all over the world could benefit from adopting the software to manage their marketing campaigns, by tracking conversions, improving guest experience on site, managing the online reputation of the hotel brand, guest loyalty and more. Having built over 4000 hotel websites and tracked the most efficient ones, WIHP now provides hotels from all markets with high-end hotel marketing campaigns designed to increase direct revenues. Founded in 1995, ByTech’s portfolio includes Israel’s largest hotel sites and deals with direct marketing of vacations from provider to consumer. Over the years, we have accumulated extensive experience in designing user interfaces, design, characterization and project management systems for websites and all their components: programming, design, promotion and operation. Since then we are developing sites that incorporate the knowledge we have accumulated and have established hundreds of successful websites for a variety of organizations and companies.

The system is very flexible, rapid to update and suitable for small hotels and hotel chains alike. Sites built with special attention to the user interface, structure, correct flow of information, with attention to the technical structure that generates pages easily and accessible to search engines as well using techniques and tools like CSS2 which separate the structure of the page content from the design and create pages that search engines like. With their custom tracking system WIHP provide their customers with extensive information on ROI and results. The site allows anyone to visit, without leaving the comfort of their own homes, Israel’s holy places and beaches as well as to dive in Eilat’s Red Sea. TBC is built for easy use and efficient and greatly improves the quality of service provided by the hotel to the end customer.

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