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Dedicated hosting packages from Bluehost each include 1 domain name and between 3 and 5 IP addresses (depending upon whether customers select the Standard or Premium plan).
Bluehost hosting plans have been able to deliver fast service to customers as a result of a number of speed acceleration strategies.
Customers of both the Bluehost VPS and dedicated plans may elect to implement additional protective features like SSL certificates, domain privacy, Postini spam protection, Site Backup Pro to recover files, and SiteLock to protect against malware attacks and viruses. Bluehost also supports 3 different popular web-based email solutions: RoundCube, Horde and SquirrelMail. My sites load fast on Bluehost which is crucial for my google rankings, however lately my site has been crashing quite a bit.
When I was shopping around for a hosting service I read really great comments about BlueHost- apparently they are the most reliable. I think that BlueHost is really cheeky and it is just a matter of time until people notice this. Brief Overview Bluehost was started in 1996 and now is one of the well-reputed web hosts in the industry serving millions of domains. Bluehost has partnered with SiteLock to provide customers with protection from hackers, malware and other threats. One Drawback I noticed is that, when compared to some other hosting companies like Arvixe, Bluehost do not offer Free migration service. Bluehost has a secure data center with secure access, diesel power generators, and other protection measures.
Bluehost servers have a 35 MB attachment limit for the outgoing emails sent via SMTP and webmail.
Overall, I think Bluehost is an excellent hosting service for small businesses and individuals. Service Summary:BlueHost was established in 1996 and has been providing hosting solutions to thousands of business and personal web sites. Bluehost is a very well known company stablished in 1996 with more than 20,000 new customers each month and it hosts more than 1 million domains already. Bluehost is a dedicated company that focus on providing solutions for small and medium sized companies, business and individuals.
The difference between Bluehost and others mainly comes with their focus on small and medium business. The answer can change between hosting providers, but if your website isn’t receiving more than 5 to 10 thousand visits per day, the shared plan should be more than enough.
Anyway, if you’re looking for a great solution to start your website and grow it for the first years, Bluehost is probably my best recommendation, and then Hostgator. Bluehost has a great tech support and they boast a call waiting of 30 seconds or less (I have my doubts), but honestly, I have never had to call them because never had any failures after 2 years of using them. Another great thing is that Bluehost offers a free domain (usually you would pay $10 or so at GoDaddy) and a free website builder with different templates. Bluehost prices are just a bit higher than Hostgator, starting at $6 per month, but you can use this special discount to start at $4.95.

Hello every one i have around 200 website and i am very much comfortable with cms wordpress website, right now i am using bluehost shared hosting and hostgator shared hosting, blue hosting is working great but hostgator sucks, please suggest some good hosting plan shared hosting or vps or reseller.
I currently have a reseller account with Bluehost that I wish I could move to a different provider. Bluehost used to be a very good hosting company and through the years, I recommended Bluehost to many of my customers.
I have had used BlueHost for couple of months and my clients are still using their services, they are a bit expensive but they offer great services. Bluehost is best known for its two options of hosting plans: shared hosting and reseller hosting. The company only offers Linux hosting and the price of its hosting varies, depending on the contract selected. Bluehost Hosting Plans Bluehost offers three different options for shared hosting plans with increasing ranges of disc space (from 100GB to unlimited) and bandwidth (from 1TB to unlimited). Bluehost offers Blogger, Professional, Business and Enterprise hosting plans that can support between 100 million and an unlimited number of site visits per month, management of up to 30 WordPress sites, and up to 8GB of RAM. All data on Bluehost dedicated plans rely on RAID storage, which provides a higher level of data protection than what is often found from other dedicated hosting plans. All Bluehost hosting plans (even shared hosting) allow for the installation of customized software, an opportunity not offered by every shared hosting company.
All email accounts from Bluehost support POP3 and IMAP, and can be uniquely synced with Google Apps for Work, Gmail accounts, and Google Drive to a customer’s individual domain name.
Unfortunately there is a lot of downtime on BlueHost, it seems like they are doing their maintenance during business hours and that sucks. These are available to install quickly and easily using 1-Click script installs.  You can install software and applications,  access your accounts, manage domains, backup your website, and many more other functions from Bluehost control panel.
If you have an existing WordPress blog with good traffic, I suggest you use their managed WordPress hosting. I've used bluehost for several years and they have been very consistent and very reliable. In fact, I find Bluehost is one of the best hosts for shared hosting. Bluehost is one of the biggest hosting companies in the world and it appears on the recommended hosting solution with the largest CMS in the world (WordPress) along with Hostgator and DreamHost. Bluehost has its own data center using some good technology and technicians behind everything with a custom linux kernel. This video was one of the things (along with some recommendations) that made me move many of my websites from Hostgator to Bluehost. Response times are usually better than my Hostgator shared plan, and load times are faster in every website.
Bluehost maintains a variety of different shared and reseller hosting packages and specializes in domain registrations. For those who want to set up their emails and domains, Bluehost provides all of the necessary standardized Linux provisions, including cPanel. Bluehost Data Center Location and Acceleration Bluehost servers are located in a state-of-the-art data center in Wasatch, Utah, where servers are secured with diesel power backups for consistent service in the case of a local power outage.

Customers can also purchase migration services, as well as individual Quickstart training in website deployment from a Bluehost technician.
In my opinion, if you are expecting less than 600 page views daily (as shown in Google Analytics), Bluehost shared hosting is the best option for you.
Personally, Hostgator was as slow as this one for me, but I know not everyone lives the same because it depends on which websites are hosted in the same account with you.
Bluehost also prides itself in offering superb customer support services and claims to have a call-waiting duration of 30 seconds or less. Besides their cost-effective shared hosting plan, the company also offers reseller hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated servers. Bluehost Features Bluehost shared hosting packages include unlimited domain hosting, unlimited GB of site transfers, FTP Access, Secure Shell (SSH) Access, site statistics, hotlink protection, a cPanel Account Control Panel, 8 server side scripts, and operates on a Linux platform. While not much additional information is known about this data center, we do know that the servers housed in Bluehost’s data center are built by the company itself, and are managed by approximately 700 employees. Bluehost Protection and Installation The Bluehost Pro shared web hosting plan comes with 2 SpamExperts, an SSL certificate, SiteBackup Pro and 1 domain privacy, while all shared hosting plans have the opportunity for monthly, weekly, or even daily site backups. Bluehost typically maintains a strong reputation with reviews that are higher than average.
If the prices were cheaper I would get dedicated hosting but for now it is not relevant for me. The number of active domains hosted with them is always a good indication that Bluehost has quality hosting service and is managing its position well.
In 2010 Bluehost added something called CPU throttling to monitor the CPU usage of each account and take immediate action.
Aside from that, I have had some slow connections with Hostgator in the past (probably because I shared a hosting server with people getting tons of traffic). Bluehost can also make specific advanced accommodations for the streaming of audio and video files. Shared hosting plans are also protected by technology that designates resources to isolated systems when resources are overused on a website. Bluehost webmail affords users the opportunity to access their Bluehost webmail account from any location and webmail can be accessed through a direct link or the cPanel itself. Bluehost offer a wide range of tools and services for beginners, to expert webmasters, and everyone in between.
In 2009, BlueHost introduced a feature called CPU Throttling to ensure high reliability and fast speed. Most of my niche sites are now in Bluehost while my big authority sites are in a dedicated server.
You can always get cheaper hosting solutions $1 or so, but nobody recommends them unless you don’t care about stability or security.

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