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This week I’m fortunate enough to be speaking about blog SEO at the Design Blogger Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. My goal here is to help bloggers understand that SEO is simply a tool, not the mystical black art that many have sold it to be. In addition to being popular, WordPress is also the most SEO-friendly CMS I’ve ever worked with. There are a lot of importers for WordPress that let you move your content from other systems like Blogger and Tumblr built right in.
Once you’ve got your blog running on WordPress, you need to start thinking about integrating some basic SEO best practices into your blogging workflow. Generally speaking, you want your focus keyword to be as close to the front of your page and SEO title as possible.
You should also keep in mind that your SEO title and your meta description are going to be the way people see your post in the Google search results. Google also has another useful tool called Google Trends which lets you see the overall interest in a keyword or a topic over a period of time. We’re also going to be adding some more content to our blog to expand on some of this stuff in the future, so make sure you subscribe to receive updates!
Like I mentioned before, being an active blogger gives you a number of distinct advantages over other website owners. In addition to working within your community, there are tons of other tactics out there for building links to your blog. Featured Download: The list of 5 FREE designs tools (for non-designers) for creating stunning blog post images instantly. Finding the Right Images for Your BlogWe all use images in our article and before we see the best practices to optimize the images, I wanted to share with you some resources from where you can get stock images for free. When dealing with large images, make sure you take the content area width of your blog into consideration. Creating image sitemaps is extremely easy as you can use Udinra All Image Sitemap plugin to create one for the images on your blog and submit it in your Webmasters Tools account. If you run a blog on topics that have nothing to do with images, then you can avoid the image sitemaps. There are lot of SEO plugins in the WordPress plugins directory and the collection includes some really amazing plugins to help you better optimize the images on your blog.
Image SEO and Pinterest:Pinterest is the most popular social network to share images from around the web.
So, whenever you share an image on Pinterest, make sure to optimize it correctly by adding proper description and links with each image so that you can get all the SEO benefits and the traffic to your site. Google has created a buzz in the online community by revealing that part of its search algorithm now operates on a machine learning basis, namely RankBrain. RankBrain was rolled out globally in early 2015 and is now implemented in a “very large fraction of the millions of queries that Google deals with every second”.
This information was first revealed in a Bloomberg interview with senior research scientist at Google Greg Corrado.
The key difference, Corrado and Google claim, is that all other ranking signals are based on discoveries that Google engineers and researches have gained and then designed into the algorithm. Of the billions of search queries Google deals with daily, it estimates that 15% of these queries are new and have never been seen before.  It seems RankBrain helps to generalize these unseen or new queries to something it knows how to deal with, enhancing its ability to filter and parse search results. As Google is not offering any further details it is difficult to test how RankBrain actually improves the quality of search results.

Google is not relinquishing its grip on monitoring search results, it is actually integrating another module into its highly complex algorithm. Rankbrain is here to give google more control over search queries and it is the part of ranking signal which makes it also an important factor to consider. Just give us a shout and we’ll get your blog migrated to WordPress so you can start enjoying the benefits of using the most SEO-friendly CMS on the market.
When SEO isn’t familiar to you, focusing on it right of the gate will just slow down your writing and frustrate you. If you decide to change the URL to make it more SEO-friendly, you’re going to need to create a 301 redirect for the original URL. Many times the title of your posts might not be exactly what people are looking for on Google. In order to get a little closer to that, you can use a few tools to get an idea of what people are searching for on Google.
There’s a tool from Google called the Keyword Planner that will let you see how many people are searching for a particular group of keywords. This isn’t a problem isolated to bloggers, even a lot of SEO professionals struggle with this concept. As a blogger, you probably already have a group of people you interact with and talk to online on a regular basis. Most of my friends hang out on Twitter and share content on their own blogs as well as a handful news and tutorial websites.
There are a lot of ways to go about finding your people, but in my experience the most direct method is to just use Google. For tracking your SEO efforts, the Organic Search menu is the one you’ll want to watch. The images that you use in your article improve the SEO score, make your article more search engine friendly and it also plays a huge role in the page loading speed of your blog. You can’t use Google Images to pick any image and add it in your article because those images might be protected by copyright and you might run into some big trouble for using such images. I have seen many bloggers selecting file names that have nothing to do with the content of the article or names that don’t make any sense. Search engines are unable to read the image and if you don’t use the ALT text on the images on your blog, you are missing out on a lot of traffic. But if you run a photography blog or a tech blog that requires a lot of images, then it is a nice idea to create an image sitemap to make sure the images are indexed properly in the search engines. We are going to see some of the best Image SEO plugins that you can use to manage the images and optimize them perfectly. SEO Friendly ImagesThis is by far the best plugin for optimizing your images for search engines. He has a passion for helping newcomer bloggers make their blog noticeable and money making. I don’t know the right way to protect the images but the things you can do is either block right click on your blog or apply watermark on your images. Google has stated that RankBrain is one of the hundreds of signals, or ranking factors that go into an algorithm that determines what results appear on a Google search page and where they are ranked. It is likely that updates such as Panda and Penguin also use elements of machine learning as well, but Google maintains publicly that RankBrain is the only ranking signal to do so. But it is also likely that RankBrain is a useful way of drawing attention to Google’s continued investment in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

We believe load time is a factor Google takes into account, and it is clear how this works: the faster the site, the better. On our blog we chronicle current trends in online marketing and SEO and present interesting studies, statistics and trends. In my experience, a lot of bloggers, and people in general really, have a bit of a negative view of SEO. This is because it has a lot of basic SEO functionality, such as pretty permalinks and contextual page titles, built right in. Make sure you’ve mentioned your focus keyword in your URL, page title, SEO title, and your meta description.
Keyword research is a pretty vast topic and it’s also one of the cornerstones of SEO. It’s a really useful tool and Dino, the guy who created it, is really passionate about connecting bloggers to one another. If you’re reading this at the Design Bloggers Conference during or after my talk, come talk to me about it!
WordPress has become a suitable tool to build a good blog and every person can easily handle it because it is so users friendly. If you have a lot of images on your site and you haven’t added the title tag or the ALT text in the images, then this plugin will automatically add the tags to your image based on the settings that you choose.You just have to download the SEO Friendly Images plugin and install it on your site. While the SEO industry has certainly earned its reputation over the years, it seems that lately opinions are moving in a more positive direction. In my experience, the places where most bloggers struggle are keyword targeting, strategic link-building, and technical SEO.
Strategic link-building can be a bit tricky, but as a blogger you have a distinct advantage over other website owners in this area.
When you add and configure an SEO plugin like WordPress SEO by Yoast, you’ll have a ton of common on-site SEO problems taken care of before you even start optimizing your content. I also leave blog comments whenever I have something worth saying, and I have a ton of people on my Skype list. Find the popular blogs, see which social networks everyone is most active on, and pay particular attention to any forums your community is using. This dashboard shows you only the most important stuff to get some real insight into how your blog is performing. You should never add an image of a cat in your article and label it as “best SEO tools for free”. As well I’m a newbie blogger and I always search for SEO, Content Marketing so, i think that this one would be helpful for me. When I say technical SEO, I mean indexation problems, meta issues, and most of the other things that our SEO audits address. This guide does a good job explaining how to set up analytics and you can use this plugin to add analytics to your blog. The reason for this is SEO Friendly Images plugin might not add the perfect ALT texts to your images because it works on the options you selected in the settings area.2.

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