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The reason so many corporate videos are poor is they don’t realize they have so many options available to not make a boring video.
This well-produced video, found on the Adobe Careers page, is a combination of the two above styles. I wrote this article as an exercise to think of some common and not so common formats for corporate videos that didn’t fall into the same pattern. Again, if you have any fun ideas for our next batch of Corporate Video Survival Guide videos, let us know by hitting up the "contact us" form.
Ben is UPG's Strategy Director and has been crafting video campaigns for more than 10 years.

In an effort to raise the bar, I offer up the following creative recommendations for your next video. This video will be revealing as you’ll see how well everyone in your company actually knows the company story. This is a far simpler style video to shoot and produce than the more involved day-in-the-life video. It seems the wishy washiness of so many corporate videos is the result of the legal department fearful of making any claim about anything and as a result say nothing at all. It appears that it was very expensive to produce and as a result probably want this video to live on the site for a long time.

Given they want this careers video to be evergreen no one provides any details to any specific project. When that person leaves or an identical position opens up, post the job listing along with the companion video.
It will always be the people on the screen and the tale you tell that will make or break your video.

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