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With one click you add your video files from your PC to the process list and press the "Convert Videos" button.
This handy tool will save you the time of searching and selecting the proper format you can view on your iPhone or iPad for example. With its intuitive interface, you can add (by pressing the Add Video button) the video or audio files you want in the list to be processed by our free converter software. Before starting conversion you need to select the output format, and a large list of formats will be displayed, as well as any applicable portable device type mapping. Finalize the process of converting your selected files in the desired format by pressing "Convert Videos".
You can monitor the conversion progress of each file in the Video list and also monitor the overall conversion progress of the videos in the status box below.

Other tools with this great functionality will cost money, but we offer you all of this for FREE.
For users that need more features than the ones we offer for free, there is the option to activate our Add-on Package for ChrisPC Video Converter. The Add-on Package is activated by purchasing a lifetime license fee just once and this will remove any limitations of the free version: get access to all conversion formats, convert up to 4 videos at the same time. A large number of video and audio input file types supported: AVI, MP4, MKV, WMV, MPG, 3GP, 3G2, SWF, FLV, AVCHD, WEBM, MOV, DV, RM, QT, TS, MTS, MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV, OGG. You can select a folder and all your videos will be loaded automatically in the video processing list.
The steady development and addition of features to this great program is the way software should be designed!

Currently, free messaging and calling applications, are well-known via the Internet or 3G. Yahoo Messenger: familiar to users, besides SMS, Yahoo Messenger also supports for calling to a different account. Download Line for Windows.Instruction for calling on PC by SkypeCurrently, there are a lot of utilities for calling on PCs. We have introduced to you some chat software on computer currently, hopefully this article will be helpful for you.

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