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Get AVS4YOU Unlimited Subscription (11 programs + free upgrades + free support) for only $59! IF YOU EDIT A VIDEO ON AVS VIDEO EDITOR, THEN HARDCODE THE VIDEO WITH A .SRT SUBTITLE, THE RESULTING VIDEO WILL 100% HAVE AUDIO-SYNC PROBLEMS. The service lets people take existing media, including photos and videos, stored in a Photobucket account and remix them with captions, soundtracks and other effects. As far as the name--now referred to as Adobe's Web-based video remix and editing technology--the Adobe representative said that the company intends to announce a formal brand-name in the spring.

Photobucket's Welch acknowledged that there are a growing number of Web-based online editing and mixing tools. The free service will be in beta this month to its premium customers and rolled out to all customers in March.
Like any video-editing package, people can drop items, like video snippets, and place them onto a timeline. All offers are optional: You are not required to install any additional applications to receive the software you selected.

This lets you use a combination of photos, videos and music to build something truly custom," said Alex Welch, Photobucket CEO.

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