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MKV Player is a free video player that lets you watch MKV files on your computer - as well as other audio and video formats. The program is meant to be really simple in appearance and functionality. We’ll cover five excellent free MKV video players that will work on the Mac, some are just general movie player apps and some are full-fledged media center applications that will do far more than just playing HD video formats.
The first recommendation is VLC, which will play just about any video or audio file thrown at it and MKV is no exception.
XBMC is another good app to play MKV video, it’s simple interface focuses on media use and it makes a great media console in general.
Perian is a third party Quick Time component that adds support for a huge variety of video formats (including MKV) to Apple’s very own QuickTime Player. Yes, Movist is a very nice player and should have been on the list of five players or more. I used to use VLC to watch MKVs, but lately I’ve taken to re-encoding them into m4v format using HandBrake, which allows me to watch them on my AppleTV, and copy them onto my iphone or ipad for on-the-go watching. Most MKVs are x264 codec and so the only difference between that and a M4V is the container. Just install the app, drag your MKV to it, add desired metadata and when you go to save it will repackage your MKV in an M4V container. In the Preferences you can also set it to reencode the audio to 5.1 AAC so if you have an MKV with a dts or dolby digital track, it will reencode that for you. VLC is still excellent quality and good to have when the other two won’t play something. The Matroska Multimedia Container is an open standard free container format, a file format that can hold an unlimited number of video, audio, picture or subtitle tracks inside a single file. 5KPlayer - 100% clean and safe free MKV video player to play MKV files and also MTS, M2TS, AVCHD, MKV, MOD videos on your Windows (10) computer smoothly & clearly!

With the VLC player you are actually getting two things: a fine MKV video player with full compatibility with Matroska, and support for most video and audio streams you will find in an MKV file.
Somehow, VLC Player lacks user friendly interface, and though armed with advanced features but it is just too complicated to handle with them.
Unfortunately DivX Plus Player is a commercial software which means not free available for users.
MKV Player consists of a single window with playback buttons and a timeline to move along the video.
Ultimately which is the best is up for debate, but since they’re all free there is no reason not to try them all and discovering which is the best for your specific needs. To get the most out of XBMC, copy any MKV video files to the Movies directory in the users home folder and you’ll be able to quickly find them within XBMC. Low and behold, MPlayerX works wonderfully to play MKV files, and the interface closely matches QuickTime Players black minimalist theme.
Perhaps the MKV video you download from internet contains different codecs, which therefore led to the need to download a best free MKV player, directing at this powerful container format. This MKV file player is made for bringing you an user-friendly and customer-oriented Matroska video playback solution. There are some enhanced MKV playback features to DivX Plus Player like: supports up to 8 MKV multiple subtitles and audio tracks, offers smooth fast-forward and rewind MKV playing process and auto-generated MKV chapters. And as a MKV video player under the old label, it sometimes need to consider about adding Blu-ray video playback function, which gives a larger range of MKV media playing options (since some of MKV video file contains in Blu-ray Disc). Not to worry though, MKV files can be played on a Mac easily, you just need to download a free application or codec that supports playing the high quality video format. Some users report performance issues with playing MKV from VLC, but I’ve had no such problems.

With easy to use interface, you can easily play MKV movie videos no matter you are an experienced software master or not. By the way, VLC does not willingly accept Blu-ray Disc and rm video which is also to some extent disappointing. It makes all the possibility to play MKV movie files on Windows, MAC OS, Linux with variety of MKV media players.
And at times you may need to learn how to convert MKV to MP4 for get more MKV movie playing platform, like play MKV on iPhone, watch MKV on iPad, etc. They’re hidden in a drop-down menu below the video screen, and only let you tweak video speed, subtitle delay, and file association. This is definitely another worthwhile choice for watching HD video on the Mac, and it’s available free on the Mac App Store.
Tremendous video playback capacity allows you not only play MKV files, but also other videos with large-scale formats, such as M2TS, AVCHD, MOD, H.264, MPEG-4, AVI, MOV, WMV, FLV, etc.
On contrary, backup and rip Blu-ray to MKV is also favorable to make Blu-ray digital backup and play HD video in MKV format. The program is not documented either. If playing audio and video files is all you need to do, then MKV Player will be enough. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated piece of software, with more options and tools, you probably need to look somewhere else. MKV Player is a very simple MKV video player with support only for the most basic functions.

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