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Now to share content from SoundCloud all you need to do is to just paste the URL in a post and it will get embedded automatically. The tag tells the browser that it needs to handle an audio file with controls.These controls are the buttons that show up in the browser to control volume and playback of audio file.
A lot of bands, music producers, artists, podcasters, and bloggers use WordPress to share their audio content. Oembed HTML5 Audio Plugin tops my list of such plugin because of its simplicity and ease of use.With this plugin you can simply upload your file using the media uploader copy the URL and just paste the URL in the post editor.

There are wonderful plugins and themes available to publish audio content, music files, podcasts, etc. It automatically converts the URL into HTML5 audio tag and displays it with the nifty HTML5 player. For example, if you were thinking about embeding your MP3 audio file using HTML5 there is a problem that you need to address first. This means that you either need to provide two source files (one in MP3 and other in free ogg vorbis format) or just use ogg vorbis.For those who don’t know, ogg vorbis is a free open format for audio encoding and streaming.

It is just as good as MP3 and almost all browsers support it.Uploading your Audio FilesFirst upload your audio files using the built in WordPress media uploader (The same button which you use to upload your photos). If you are going to upload your audio file in two formats then upload the other file and copy the URL.

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