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Windows Movie Maker, also known as Movie Maker, is a free video editing program launched by Microsoft.
If you want to extract movie clips out of your DVD movies with some certain format which is compatible with Windows Movie Maker, ripping tool is a must here to convert your movie clips to target video format. Then how to use Pavtube DVDAid to trim DVD movie clips and convert them to the format (here I will take *.wmv for example) that Windows Movie Maker supports. Click the Pencil icon on top of the main interface to switch to the editing interface where you’re allowed to trim DVD movies clips. After getting your favorite DVD movie clip trimmed, go back to the main interface to choose the output video format compatible with Windows Movie Maker. If you don’t know Adobe Premiere Pro CC or Elements 13 compatible formats well, you’ll get nothing on the interface of your Adobe Premiere for both Premiere Pro CC and Premiere Elements 13 do not support ingesting content in Blu-ray or DVD format like other editing programs.
To make The King’s Speech clips editable in Adobe Premiere Pro CC or Premiere Elementss 13, try a Blu-ray and DVD to Premiere ripper. To get the clips from The King’s Speech movie, open the “Video Editor” by clicking “Edit” and cut the wanted Blu-ray or DVD movie clips by tapping on “trim.” Other helpful editing functions are cut off black bars by cropping, adding watermarks, adjusting special effects.
When back to the main interface, click “Convert” in bottom right screen to realize Blu-ray or DVD conversion for free importing and ingesting by Adobe Premiere Pro CC or Premiere Elements 13.

Choose the output location with enough free space where you want to save your converted video file by clicking the “Browse” button beside “Output”. If you want to open your converted movie, you can click the “Location” button to specify it in its definition folder on hard drive.
It allows you to combine movie clips, photos and audios to produce those touching family movies or commercial video ads. Under the trimming menu bar, you’re allowed to set the start time and end time for your favorite movie clip.
Here I want to deliver my humble advice that you can burn your video clip combinations to DVDs to expand your business.
Pavtube BDMagic for Mac can convert clips from The King’s Speech Blu-ray or DVD disc to a file format that Premiere understands, and also helps you cut the wanted movie clips off the disc for further editing Premiere Pro CC or Elements 13. Ripping Blu-ray or DVD clips to MPG, WMV or MOV - highly compatible with Adobe Premiere will be great. You can easily get a clip or clips from a feature documentary for editing in addition to movies. There are 2 red movable triangles right located at the movie head and end respectively below the original preview and output preview window.

If you want your movie clips played on your other devices, have a try of other formats for Partube DVDAid possesses a library of various possible formats. I’m a person who is so crazy about videos, be it movies, or videos of my favourite songs, or television series, this software was so helpful.
With Windows Movie Maker, being a movie director is no more an unrealized dream or a big challenge. You can move the triangle at the movie head to your target point as the start of your clip and move the triangle at the movie end to your target point as the end of you movie clip. But another problem troubles you that you find it quite difficult making the format of DVD movie clips and Windows Movie Maker compatible with each other.

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