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We can use smart phones, tablets, protable cameras like Gopro or DSLR to shoot just as many pictures and videos as we want. The easy-to-use home video editing software with special editing features lets you seamlessly stitch together video clips, music & text, apply effects and get a professional-looking home movie in minutes. This article titled Seven Best Windows 8.1 Video Editing Software could be the answer you have been looking for. The cheapest Windows 8.1 video editing software is the Gopro Video editor, however, it seems to be the top on the list.

With all the features and tools this software offers, it’s a little more complicated to use. Bottom line: This video editing software allows you to add many video and audio clips if you want.
We mainly made judgement by focusing on file-format support, customer service support, price and its editing performace.
It magically cut, splice portions of videos whereever you want to, add music, text, transitions, upload to Youtube or Viemo, or trasnfer video photo to DVD disc playable on DVD player connected to TV.

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