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If you also find many fantastic videos on Facebook and want to save them either for playing offline or for video collection, you're in the right place.
From iSkysoft, iTube Studio for Mac offers users the opportunity to download and convert their files into thirteen different audio formats.
Developed by Bigasoft Corporation, the program's extensive language support makes it an ideal option for users who speak French, German, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese. From GreenTree Applications SRL, the YTD Video Downloader for Mac's Pro version offers users the opportunity to batch process multiple downloads at once. Provided by Kigosoft, the program is an ideal option for users who are looking for download access to over 1000 sites. Developed by Video Grabber, the program offers users the opportunity to convert videos into MP3 formats for easy audio listening support. Download All Button allows for the capturing of an entire YouTube channel, category, or playlist. With nine video formats, thirteen audio formats, and conversion compatibility with Apple, Android, and Game Console devices, iTube Studio's conversion versatility far outmatches that of its competition. Copy the Facebook video URL from browser's address bar, and go to the Downloading menu to choose Paste URL. If you want to have a look at the downloaded videos, you can go to the Downloaded tab, and double click the video to play it.
Since you have already downloaded a batch of Facebook videos, you might like to watch them on some portable devices, like iPod, PSP and so on.
If you are a Facebook addict, then you might have the impulse to save Facebook videos shared by your friends and family for storage purposes or future entertainment. Facebook video downloader for Mac makes it easy for me to download any of my friends Facebook videos. Streaming videos has become a mainstream way of watching our favorite media, but there are times when it can be inconvenient or impractical to do so, and downloading videos to a local drive to watch them is preferred.
A great package to use, iSkysoft iTube Studio for Mac provides a clean and uncluttered interface that is easy to use and a workflow that is simplicity itself.
Although as the name suggests this is marketed as a video converter, it includes downloading features too and that is why it is included here.
A comprehensive downloader Grappler has the ability to grab video from a wide range of sites, although the interface is a little lacking in comparison with the best on display here, relying on cut and paste for URL ingestion. A modern and well featured app, Downie has an impressive range of sites it can download from, with only iTube Studio able to offer a wider choice.
Whilst all software here offered a viable solution for downloading your favorite videos, one that stands out in this selection was iTube Studio for Mac, offering the widest site compatibility and the best balance between features and ease of use, whilst managing to retain good value into the package as well.

The VueScan Bible is the "missing manual" for new, experienced, and prospective users of VueScan. That\'s a nice trick, i was using another software to download videos but is not always reliable.
However, there's no way to download video inside Facebook for it does not feature this option. Its compatibility spans far beyond Facebook and YouTube, as iTube Studio users can download videos from over 1000 sites. With a one-time fee of $19.99, users will gain access to HD download and video conversion support as well as download access to sites ranging from Facebook to the BBC. Not only that, the program offers download access to websites ranging from Youku and Facebook to YouTube. With Mac OS X Maverick 10.9 native support, every Macintosh lover can take advantage of the program's integrated search engine. When you play the video, a download icon could appear on the top left corner of the video (takes YouTube for example). When you find another wonderful Facebook video, you can save Facebook videos to your Mac it in the same way.
If you have previously downloaded FLV or MP4 videos to your Mac, you can easily manage these videos by going to the File menu and choosing Import to select files in the pop-up dialog. In that case, you can to convert the downloaded videos into other formats, like MP4, AVI, MP3 etc. There are a significant number of options to manipulate you videos, including editing, resizing and format conversions, as well as the screen recorder function that lets you record what is on your Mac screen in real-time. However, it does include a range of features elsewhere, notably iTunes integration for easy playback of downloads straight from an iTunes playlist if required. Also included are a wide range of conversion options and even the ability to create DVDs from your downloaded media. Open iSkysoft YouTube Downloader by clicking its icon on the dock,the download process can be checked. You can see the downloaded videos on the right by clicking Downloaded button on the left side of the YouTube Downloader for Mac window.
Install and launch the Limewire, just input some of your interested words,select the type, and click search, then you'll find lots of files for you to download.
Then click "Explore" when you finished downloading the file, and you will find your download videos on Mac. If you can't find the YouTube and limewire videos files that you need, refer to the guide to know the method of converting downloaded files to other format.

But the good thing is that it is actually possible for you to download Facebook videos with the help of good software. But the applications can only download limited videos at a time and you might get them only worked at slow network speed. Users can also download files in HD format and later convert them into MP3, MP4, AVI, and MOV formats.
If so, you just need to go to the Downloaded tab, and then click the Convert button to do the conversion. You will find many of your friends updating their statutes with videos that lure you to an extent that you want these videos to grace your PC or Mac. Not only is it a powerful Facebook downloader making it easier to save any of the videos from Facebook to Mac but can also convert any of the saved Facebook videos to numerous other popular devices or formats. In this article, we will review the best 5 video downloader software for Mac OS X (EL Capitan included). The package offers a clean interface and some great options, but perhaps the downloading part is a little under developed in this company.
The downloading function is not as comprehensive as some here, but it combines seamlessly with the conversion feature to download and convert your favorite media into new formats all in one operation, making it very useful, if limited in its site compatibility compared to some, notably iTube Studio.
When you watch a video on it, you will see the Download icon appearing at the top left corner of the video. In the window that appears, choose from about 100 output formats and click OK to start conversion. While using a Facebook video downloader can enhance you experience on downloading Facebook video. It is also a video convert, which can help you convert your media files to other video and studio format to fit for mobile devices. To remove the download button, go to Safari > Preferences > Extensions and disable iTube Studio extension. It replaces the software that came with your scanner - so you get better scans and a longer life for your hardware.

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