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Below you can find some good PPT templates for free that you can download to make your presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint.
Incredible slide design for business presentations featuring a nice blue background color with curved line and ready made to be used as a PPT template for your next presentation.
Awesome PPT template that you can download for free with the direct link including a nice grid template with an original Belgium Atomium picture.
This is a unique and elegant style for PPT templates that you can download for Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and 2010 to make stunning presentations for free. If these free PPT templates are not enough then you can browse our free collection of templates and backgrounds for PowerPoint including nice diagrams and shapes for presentations with more than 3500 free templates and assets.
You can take advantage of this template containing slide layouts with puzzle illustration to make better presentations.
You can download this free puzzle piece PowerPoint template with customizable background (just change the slide background to replace the red color by any other desired color). You can download this free leadership PowerPoint template for widescreen presentations as a free PPT template for business.
This free business PowerPoint template for leadership contains two slides inside the template. PowerPoint® is registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation and this site do not have any relationship with Microsoft Corp.

Learn to use the right colors in PowerPoint presentations and make your message more effective. Colors serve a far more critical function in a business presentation than making the slides look attractive.
Choosing right colors for your presentations can help you enhance the effectiveness of your message. That is because Blue signifies professionalism (probably the reason why most business presentations use a blue theme).
When the presentation is to raise funds for a good cause or to announce a happy initiative for your staff – use orange to convey care and warmth.
Choosing the right colors for your presentation background can make your message have more impact and be memorable.
All these are free PowerPoint templates for Business PowerPoint slide designs that you can use in your presentations or for inspiration. We have published many different puzzle pieces in the past but if you are looking for a nice and readymade puzzle PowerPoint template with editable puzzle pieces that you can manipulate as simple shapes, then this free puzzle piece PowerPoint template is for you. This free global leadership for presentations is a great slide template that you can download for professional corporate and business presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint. One for the master slide or cover slide and another slide layout where you can put the presentation content and title including any other PowerPoint graphic or chart.

We are an independent website offering free presentation solutions and free PowerPoint backgrounds for presentations. Here are some common colors used in presentations, their significance and where to use them for maximum impact. The action could be signing on the dotted line in your sales presentations or pushing harder to meet the deadlines in your project presentations. If your presentation is about your company’s values and tradition, blue should be your color of choice.  Blue colors in PowerPoint Titles are a great option for finance presentations and investor presentations. So, it is used in the slide background to highlight product packaging in marketing presentations. If you are not sure about the right colors to use, stick to white colors in PowerPoint Background with a few design elements to break the monotony. Here we will show you some nice and ready made PPT templates with direct links for free download.

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