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Creating animations has always been considered as one of the most complex aspects of graphic design that requires specific software and technological expertise.
However, over the past few years, the emergence of different online presentation and animation tools have simplified the process of creating animations. Make Web Video is a specialized online tool for creating high quality animations and HD video presentations in a matter of minutes.
Since Make Web Video is a completely web-based application, users do not need to download any software and can simply create their animations in their internet browsers. Combine HD images, sound clips and videos to create stunningly beautiful presentations and animations through Vcasmo. It's an HTML5 based application that is compatible with all major mobile platforms and allows embedding presentations into any blog or website. GoAnimate is an ideal tool for creating highly engaging and attractive animations for students, teachers and corporate professionals. PowToon is the perfect online application for creating storytelling animations, academic presentations and infographics. Prezi is a stylish online animation tool that creates beautiful presentations through unique animations and graphics.
Prezi supports all the major mobile and desktop platforms and allows you to run your presentations as executable files as well. Empressr is an online multimedia presentation designing tool that offers a wide range of design templates and editing features along with a simple user interface. It's a very good tool for corporate presentations and offers a variety of animation effects ideal for business presentations and meetings. The tools you have will make or mar your animations; just like WordPress is to blogging and IM Creator is to web design, the above are some quality tools for creating beautiful animations. PowToon is also our top pick because it allows you to choose between presentation mode and video mode as well as export your animation as an MP4 movie (a feature for our premium users), play on the web, and even upload to YouTube or Wistia.
I have a you tube channel that is monitized, can I use this and make an animated video and use it on my channel.

TweetWhether you are closing a presentation, holding a Thanksgiving program, or simply want to thank your audience; you may consider doing it in something more elaborate. The Thank You PowerPoint Template with Sunset Video is a great way to show your appreciation to anyone in a way that makes them feel extra special. This template just has a single slide with a built-in video of the sunset in the background, bordered by an elegant, 3D frame. This video plays for 26 seconds and contains the image of waves lapping against the shore while the sunset shines against the clouds in the background.
Because this template is very versatile, you can also use it as a title slide, if your presentation involves tourism, geography, nature, and other similar topics. You can upload this template to your OneDrive account, so you can access it anytime you want to add oomph to your presentations, or if you simply want to play a video with text at your event. Demo Builder is a program that allows you to create video demonstrations for customer support, employee training and product presentations. Vcasmo creates extremely high quality animations that are perfect for corporate and business presentations.
It is a comprehensive online animation and video presentation solution that makes animation designing an extremely enjoyable experience. You can create stunning presentations with Prezi by adding images, videos, objects or simple text, and animating them using a wide range of effects. It also lets you import content from websites like Flickr to further beatify your presentations. It helps you design creative storytelling experiences through highly engaging animations and video presentations.
Really professional video makers are now having great, great potentials in creating breakthroughs online!
Despite your rush for time or your many other tasks, you can still find time to thank people such as your audience, employees, and guests by creating something that makes them feel special. It can be a standalone slide or you can also add it to your own existing slide after your whole presentation.

Apart for that, you are able to create demonstrations and simulations, presentations and tutorials about how your software and systems work. It walks you through the whole process of creating stylish animations through its extremely simple user interface and a long list of animation effects. And just in case you face any difficulty in understanding this simple application, you can refer to its detailed tutorial videos that will guide you at each step of creating your animations. To make things even simpler, PowToon has a number of free templates that can be used to create animations and presentations with minimum of effort. The finished presentations can also be shared directly from Prezi on all major social networks. The finished presentations can be shared via email or by embedding into your website or blog. The interactive demonstrations include: recordings of full motion video, creating of movies and presentations with auto record and capture features, features to edit, annotate and customize movies add customizing flexibility to the tool, audio editing and adding feature, tools to highlight features of your software, support to multiple formats, add password protection and custom watermark or logo to frames in movies and much more.
The ease of animation will allow you to get creative and really make your Character come to life with detailed facial movements, life-like gestures and so much more. The Even Easier Auto-Animate - This option is for when you have a time limit and you need your demos done now! It has a very simple user interface and is ideal for creating high quality animations in quick time.
The quality of PowToon animations is immaculate and a number of leading brands use it for creating their animations and video presentations.
But now new services like Powtoon allow you to make your own video in just a few hours with free animated video maker software. Furthermore, you can also change the video itself if you want something more personalized to your topic, company, or brand.

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