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Silverlight offers rapid creation and delivery of sophisticated internet applications through a Web browser. Today, we present 50 interactive Silverlight applications as sample to give you an overview as to what you can achieve with Silverlight. Create rich, interactive Silverlight applications by mixing together audios, images, text captions, and feedback forms and then splitting them into chapters and tracking markers. This is a chat application where the user can chat with other users, create chat rooms, update their avatar, all done via sockets. Experience a Silverlight video player with synchronized text transcript which features audio plot or transcript to jump video to that time point. SpatialWiki is a geography portal that encourages users to create, edit and share map layers. Write your search query in the Silverlight panel and then have your handwriting recognized and the query sent off to a search engine.
This Silverlight application simulates execution of an operating system running on a user’s machine and gives an operating system look and feel over the web.
MSN Video and Windows Live Messenger merge into a fascinating and new user experience: high-quality content and direct web-based communication. WorldNews is a free service webpage that can tell you what is happening in the world real-time using Silverlight. Parcel Atlas is a Silverlight application which uses MapDotNet UX to allow users to search and visualize over 62 million property parcels in five hundred counties throughout the US Parcel geometry. Slide.Show is an open source Silverlight slideshow control that allows you to publish and embed highly customizable photo galleries and image slideshows anywhere on the web.

This application allows you to drag and scale images or video using Silverlight technology.
The demonstrator is a mock-up website that shows the interactions and experience you could get from a Silverlight enabeld site. A Silverlight application that allows you to compare airfare, book flights, check flight times and flight duration. Silver Games is a collection of open source, multiplayer networked games developed in Silverlight.
LOL, when you are able to create the things that Flash and Silverlight can do using web standards you can say these things. Cool stuff.With the great possibilities that Silverlight allows, it will sure attain absolute popularity though that might take a while. Much has already been written about the Silverlight View Model pattern, that allows a programmer to create an application that has absolutely no UI (user interface). What we need is an easy deployment mechanism that allows an end-user, or 3rd party, to create a View for a Silverlight application, and just drop the resulting .xap file in the ClientBin directory of the Silverlight application, and have it applied, by simply selecting it in a dropdown.
If we build the project at this point, we see that the size for our custom Video Player is about 463 KB.
You can get a copy of this project here (If you want to make your own custom player, this is the project you should use). This is accomplished by having an invisible rectangle in front of the video that responds to the mouse events. The only reason I created a player at all, was that I needed at least two players to create the code.

Please note, Phil Middlemiss has no knowledge of this Video Player at all, so if you do not like it, it is not his fault. With View Model, programmers have had to get used to the odd feeling, of creating a program, that has a UI, that they have nothing to do with. Silverlight is more than just another Rich Internet Application (RIA) format, it is a basis of an revolution in software design, and deployment. Forged from technology used in over 100,000 companies and understood by over 4 million developers worldwide, Silverlight has the full support of Microsoft’s tools, technologies, and thriving partner ecosystem. With View Model, we can completely change the Design, and the entire flow of a Silverlight Application without changing a line of code.
Menus will appear on mouse hover and playback is controlled by clicking on the video screen in a set region. A designer with no programming ability at all, is then able to start with a blank page and completely create the View (UI) in Microsoft Expression Blend 4 (or higher). Each Silverlight application must truly be unique, or MEF will think that it has already loaded it, and will not load it again (even if you programmatically instruct it to).
If you are new to View Model, it is suggested that you read Silverlight View Model Style: An (Overly) Simplified Explanation for an introduction.

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