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I just bought a new Macbook Pro and I decided to completely redo the video I project during my shows. Codec stands for Coder Decoder and in this subject it’s refering to Coding and Recoding compression.
So I set out to find the perfect codec for playing video in Ableton live on a mac during a live performance.
I do not know if Ableton can render videos in MPEG-2 but if it does then edit the parameters that allow you to access the GOP Structure and select I Frames only (no P and B frames). H.264 is a great compression for straight playback in something like Qlab or Quicktime, but for use in an app that can tweak the playback like ableton or Isadora then its got to be photoJPEG all the way. I am currently trying to put videos into Ableton live 9, but I am experiencing a lot of GUI Lag. This Video Editor is the most complete and sophisticated video editing software for you to create your own music videos.
With the help of this Video Editor to create your own music video, now you can sit down and watch your loved music video with ease or enjoy it on your portable devices on the go. A versatile and easy-to-use video editing program to help you touch up your iPhone video instantly. Magisto is an easy-to-use app to take your normal, everyday videos into artist creations that will look like it cost hundreds of dollars to create. Montaj is a great iPhone video editing app to turn all of your life's recorded moments into a video storyboard, song and filter. If you want rich video editing functions like cropping, snipping and splicing, then Viddy isn't for you.
Cute CUT is an interesting iPhone video editing app which allows you to "draw" on your footage.
Cinefy features an easy and intuitive interface which lets you choose from more than 100 special effects and animations to add to your video.
This iPhone video editing app enables you to pick the most desirable photos on your iPhone and choose your favorite music and songs as the background music to make a photo slideshow in minutes.
In this section, you will learn how to choose the right video editing software for your project, covering budgets from free to sufficient. You'd like to add some background music to your slideshow or home video, but the audio track you need does not cover the whole of your visual file. To open an audio file that you'd like to use as background music for your presentation or home video click the Open button on the Home tab of the Ribbon Command Bar.

Select a fragment that will fit the end of the file best, for example, the last moments of the track or its refrain.
Click the black arrow under the Save button on the Home tab and select the Save as option to save this track with any name, location, format which can suit your needs best. Now when you have a track of the required duration, add it as background music to your media file using our easy-to-use AVS Video Editor.
I’ve just been through 3 days of nightmare while making sound design over some videos in Ableton. And to this question, I would like to recommend Leawo Video Editor for music video making to all people who would have the same questions. You can input videos, pictures or audios and output these sources to different devices in different file formats.
Firstly, add music video sources to this Video Editor, including your recorded videos, your own songs, and pictures if needed. It features intuitive interface, comprehensive drag-n-drop feature, wide format support, and handy editing tools.
It helps you turn the various video (including HD videos) you shoot into a gorgeous home movie with movie themes, titles, transitions and sound effects, etc. Video editing functions such as join clips together, add titles, add transitions and music to your videos, etc. Just choose a video, select an overall theme and design for the video and add the music you like. It comes with a great UI and provides amazing choice of shooting modes, video recording, cool filters, etc. Very easy and fast, after several clicks, you can then share your music video with your family and friends. Browse other useful video editing tips offered in Filmroa by navigating the categories below. For more detailed information on the saving options of AVS Audio Editor refer to the corresponding section of the Online Help. If you were to export your video from your editing system (Final Cut Pro) without any compression the file size would be huge. Now i now i just have to convert my video into a CPU lighter format so i can work more easily !
So my friend and I wrote a song and we thought it would be fun to make a video to go along with it and we were wondering if there were any good programs out there to help us edit and perfect it.

Then, make some editing work for it in the award-winning timeline panel by adding special effects, connective transitions and your own title, to make your music video totally your own patent. And you can also shoot a new video clip inside the application for better video editing on iPhone.
With the built-in video editor, you can crop, rotate, flash your shots, change video brightness, saturation and contrast, etc. YouTube and dozens of other popular websites are ready to help you spread your video all over the net. Well no because within the Quicktime format there are dozens of Codecs and options you can choose when rendering your video file. I put multiple video files each the exactly the same except with different codecs into the timeline and the CPU meter in Ableton never changed. Here we list top 10 video editing apps for iPhone which allow you to create movies out of your video clips and do all kinds of cool things on your iPhone. Another great part is that, it automates your video, allowing you to just pick the best parts that you need and let the app do the rest.
When the editing is done, you can share your videos with a one-click function to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube. This means Ableton is using some sort of external quicktime plug-in to handle video playback.
And after video and music editing, you can select an export way to save your music video for playback. There are some super compression codecs that make great looking video at low files sizes like the new codec called from Apple called H.264. Now one by one launch each rendered video clip using the Quicktime player application and watch the % CPU reading.
If your performing live with several audio tracks and plug-ins you don’t want 45% of your CPU going to play a video file.

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