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Email marketing software helps you reach your clients in the form of attractive newsletters. Using Mailchimp you cannot send the same campaign to mulltiple lists.Also you can use Mailchimp Free Version but you cannot use complete features, it comes with some limitation in terms of subscribers list and emails. Constant Contact have a WordPress plug-in as well as a Facebook Fan Page app which gives your Facebook fans a way to sign up for emails directly from your Facebook Fan page. Aweber provides an option for custom HTML and also allows you to add attachments to your email newsletters.
Now, its your choice to go up with the best email marketing software and do not forget to email marketing best practices and strategies which will help your business develop even more faster. Over the past few years of running my own blogs and building up a variety of audiences I have tried just about every single different email marketing service provider.
In this article I hope to offer up some insights from my past 7 years of blogging and give you a fair assessment of the major email providers. Get Response is a reliable email marketing platform with a large number of features that make it easy for new users to get started. Get Response has a feature set designed to make email marketing easy and not very time-consuming.
In addition to the time- and energy-saving features, Get Response also has a number of features designed to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Get Response is a good solution for small businesses that want robust email marketing tools without an elaborate setup or high price tag that many other services bring. Unfortunately, AWeber’s autoresponder system is a little less well designed than their email tracking tools. AWeber offers stellar customer service with phone and email support during regular business hours.
AWeber doesn’t offer any free options, but the service provides a great value with all of the features, benefits, and support they provide, especially for those who are heavy into email marketing. Sendy is a unique entry in the email marketing field as it is both self-hosted and very inexpensive. InfusionSoft is an interesting software suite that combines a customer resource management system, a web marketing platform and eCommerce integration into one interoperable package. The Deluxe E-Commerce option is also priced at $299 per month, but instead of sales automation tools it adds eCommerce support that allows you to integrate your online sales with your CRM and marketing campaign data.
The best features of InfusionSoft are its reliability, user experience and integration between the CRM, sales, marketing and eCommerce aspects of business. From the initial start-up to phone and email support, InfusionSoft works like a partner to make sure there are no issues and that its clients are able to use their software to the fullest. InfusionSoft is a great marketing solution for businesses that want to integrate all aspects of the sales process into one software suite and leverage this integration into a more efficient sales process. The software and email marketing services offered by Constant Contact is intuitive, easy to use regardless of your skill level, and very effective. The software helps you to create the look you want by giving you access to hundreds of templates while giving you the option to create your own. The large variety of patterns, colors, and layouts, the freedom to move around the text blocks, and the ability to adjust the design features makes creating a unique bulk email marketing campaign easy. Large Selection of Templates -Email templates allow you to create customized, professional looking emails.

Build Segmented Lists -You can get better results from email marketing by segmenting your lists. Subscriber Profiles -The key to effective email marketing is to know your audience as much as possible.
Entrepreneur -This is Mailchimp’s free plan, which allows you to have up to 2,000 subscribers and up to 12,000 emails per month.
So to summarise this Email marketing software comparison exercise, I will reiterate what I stated at the start. It comes with a visual email creator that makes it very easy to create high-quality good-looking emails.
Importing contacts is very easy and quick, allowing you to transfer data from your customer resource management system or from your previous email marketing manager. It’s one of the best solutions for businesses that rely on email marketing as a significant portion of their marketing mix.
The company provides extremely detailed metrics, allowing you to see which individuals have opened an email and what specific actions they’ve taken with that email.
The method for setting how many followup emails to send to each subscriber doesn’t work well because you’re unable to easily set the number of followup emails. It is an excellent solution for a small business that needs to send out email updates for multiple products or brands.
It uses Amazon’s Simple Mail Service infrastructure to send your emails, which Amazon has developed and optimized over decades of eCommerce experience.
It produces colorful charts showing the percentage of recipients that opened the emails, deleted them, clicked links in them as well as a variety of other data such as where in the world they are located. This makes it perfect for small and medium-sized businesses that want to integrate their sales data and marketing campaigns with their CRM system. The Essentials package consists of the CRM and the automated marketing suite and is a good choice for smaller businesses that rely on third parties to handle their actual sales transactions and don’t need sales automation. This package costs $379 per month and is good for businesses that want to maximize the benefits of the integration between web marketing, sales automation and eCommerce that InfusionSoft offers. This package includes direct hand-on training on the use of the software from InfusionSoft, as well as help in migrating data from your previous sales software solutions. This means problems are resolved quickly and new hires can be quickly brought up to speed on best practices. This helps to make the process of creating the perfect email campaign for announcing your sales and special events fast and easy. This is a service that can help you manage your emails, create autoresponders, create online newsletters and much more. For example, you can send up to 7,200,000 emails to 600,000 subscribers for $2,550 per month. You can always upgrade as you get more subscribers and start sending a higher volume of emails.
While many competitors offer free trials, MailChimp is the leading email service that has a free plan that you can use as long as you want. There are literally dozens (if not hundreds) of different providers out there and this article only covers six email marketing services which would suit a small to medium business. This makes it a good entry-level platform for businesses that want an easy and reliable solution to their email marketing needs.

To make it even easier, Get Respon comes pre-loaded with several hundred pre-designed email templates and access to the iStock stock photo library, allowing even the less artistically-inclined to create professional email campaigns quickly and easily.
Get Response also allows you to see how your emails look on different browsers and operating systems, as well as send multiple versions of the same email to test which is more effective at generating views and clicks. By setting the number of emails for a user to receive, the system inadvertently fails to send a certain number of emails below the number you specified.
Finally, AWeber is kind enough to inform you of whether your email will be regarded as spam and if you’re utilizing any blacklisted links in your email, saving you from sending emails that will be sent right to the junk bin. Because Sendy is a self-hosted service, it’s cost per email sent is incredibly low compared to other services, but that comes at a cost of almost no in-person or phone support for the software. This, together with Sendy’s custom fields functionality allows you to tailor your email campaigns to individual clients. It is an incredibly powerful option for businesses that send many emails and want to manage their email system in-house. It also suffers very few sending failures with emails, which is very important when conducting email campaigns. You will be able to track these factors, so you’ll know when people are opening your emails. If you’re in the market for professional email marketing services, AWeber is by far and away one of the top companies to check out. They also provide a way to track independent subscriber lists, and an email can be sent to as many subscriber lists as you like at the same time. The best way around this is to not set a number and just have all readers receive all followup emails, or set a high number so that they no longer receive any emails at all. After the initial license fee, you pay Amazon Web Services per email sent, as it provides the actual email infrastructure for Sendy. For those emails that experience difficulties along the way, Sendy has tools to automatically handle bounce, complaint and unsubscribe requests. This will allow you to send your messages on the best hours and days of the week for optimum results.
Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to stay in touch with your audience and to build your influence.
All you have to do is create the look you want, select your target audience, schedule the launch of your program, and send the emails. With MailChimp, you have access to a wide variety of useful features that help you get the most out of your email list. The low price of Get Response makes it an excellent solution for businesses seeking low-cost marketing solutions, especially considering the amount of features Get Response offers. But there’s no reason to get too hung up on this – AWeber’s tools for tracking specific users and the followup emails they’ve received works well and is extremely easy to use.

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