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Finding topics for blog posts on an ongoing basis can be intimidating for beginner bloggers.
In summary, this list should help bloggers come up with ideas for content and if all else fails, then take a break for awhile and let your mind rest. But there are actually many ways that bloggers and content writers can find a never ending supply of content ideas. Other Blogs in Your Niche – Follow other blogs in your niche using an RSS reader like Feedly. Email Newsletters – Sign up for email newsletters in your niche and see what type of topics they cover. Article Sites – Browse topics on article sites like Constant Content or Ezine articles.
Book and infoproduct reviews – You can get ideas from reviews people have written on Amazon and other sites about your topic of interest. Ask a Friend – Asking your friends, relatives, co-workers, and other people around you can be a good way to brainstorm ideas, especially if they are interested and knowledgeable about the topic of your blog.
Blog Comments on Other Blogs – You can also get ideas and inspiration from comments that people have posted on other blogs in your niche. Content Mastermind Groups – Form your own content mastermind group with a group of bloggers that you can share ideas with.
Conference Agendas – See what top conferences in your industry are focusing on and blog about those topics.

Update a Topic You Already Wrote About – Sometimes a topic you have previously written about is no longer up to date or you have some new insight to add to it.
Try or Learn Something New – Living an interesting life and meeting people can create stories that can be useful for blogging.
Make Announcements – Make announcements about your upcoming events regarding your blog and business. Interview an Expert – Offer to interview experts and post the interview on your blog.
Get interviewed – Allows someone else to interview you and then post it on your blog. Leverage Trends – Pay attention to what is currently hot or big news in your niche and create content around that topic. Blog Directories – Technorati and Google Blog Search are a good way to find new blogs and topics. Radio Shows – Radio talk shows often talk about interesting topics that you can also discuss in your content. TV Talk Shows and TV News Shows – TV talk shows are good at finding and expanding upon topics that people are interested in. Google Alerts – Set up Google Alerts so you can be informed of new topics in your niche. Research a Topic – Think of a topic that you are interested in and that is related to your niche.

Change Perspective – Present information from your blog posts or other from a different perspective. Topic Bridging – Finding an interesting or popular topic and connect it to the topic of your blog. You can do this in a blog post, by email, social media, or any other medium in which you can engage your audience. Ask them questions and pay attention to what they talk about when you are discussing the topic of your niche. Although it can be difficult to share your failures, this will help your blog readers connect with you on a more personal level. Look for frequently asked questions or new topics that you haven’t yet written about. All you have to do is think of a good topic and maybe the interviewer can help with that as well.
For example, if you are blogging about SEO, then you would want to keep up with the latest news about Google and SEO. Sometimes your site will rank for unexpected things and you can create topics around these keywords.

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