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If you have an internet business or a company and want to gain high popularity on the internet market, having an animated marketing video on your landing page is the best choice.
Explainer video delivers strong messages about your business and products to your customers.
Most of online company conversion rates increases after using an animated marketing video because they successfully introduce their products and services. We are a specialist in the subject of animated marketing video for promotional and marketing campaign on the internet for your company. There are lots of end users who spend hours on the internet just for browse hilarious animated video. Explainer videos are proven to be very helpful to increase conversion rates, and here's how we can help you increase yours! I would unreservedly recommend you in the future to anyone looking to produce a similar explainer video.TomI couldn’t be happier with the work you did for our online business!
Bread n' Beyond provides you with quality animated video and a specialized, targeted design. Get your free copy of the eBook today just for subscribing to IMPACT award winning marketing blog.
As the Marketing Director of IMPACT from 2013-May 2015, John was responsible for the overall marketing and branding strategy of the agency. Amongst animated marketing videos, there’s a particular animation style that stands out when dealing with complex explanations: they’re called whiteboard animation videos.
Whiteboard videos’ main secret is quite obvious actually: in a whiteboard video you’re basically explaining things on a whiteboard. Whiteboard animation videos work on this powerful secret: they engage the audience unconsciously and pre-dispose them to an explanation. The second great advantage of whiteboard videos is the use of animated characters, because they can get a more human approach. However, as it happens with animated characters, in order to produce this effect you need a good whiteboard explainer video company, one that makes the whole story connected smoothly without clipping or camera swaps (unlike any other animated marketing video style). In this video we tell the whole story without cuts or swaps, making it smooth and polished. Whiteboard animation is one of the most traditional animated video styles, but there are many other animated video styles out there. July 5, 2014 By Rob 11 Comments If you have never considered using one of the software masters in the medium of animated marketing videos – perhaps now is the time!
Reach out to your website visitors, adjust your marketing strategy and break open the shackles of old to embrace the new! No matter what type of business or organization you are involved with, grab this amazing opportunity to skyrocket your marketing efforts by creating your own animation. Just as we are glued to screens of all sorts, from tablets to televisions, it’s the power of movement, animation and humor that keeps us rooted into our seats.
We are lazy, we like videos, movies and other motion types to be streamed out to us – it seems to be harder for us to be pro-active and do the work ourselves, like reading static content on a web page. The beauty about these videos is that you can control the production and presentation entirely.

It has been shown that these types of animated marketing videos can produce amazing results. If you don’t mind the logo issue in your finished videos, I recommend PowToon as one of the easiest to learn, followed by VideoScribe.
Create your own amazing whiteboard videos with VideoScribe – don’t forget the free 7-day trial! What I like about outsourcing is that you will find hundreds, if not thousands of different approaches to the creation of animated video online.
Making animated videos for your business is one of the most effective ways of getting your message out to the world. It doesn’t matter what video style you are looking out for, there are loads of companies making all sorts of wonderful animation, in two and three dimensional, and even more. You will be able to post these marketing videos onto a host of social media sites like, Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, providing people with your gems of information. Therefore, go forward and create funny, interesting and awesome animated marketing videos to dazzle your public with – make them addictive, amusing, wacky or cool and give your readers every reason to engage with you. Animated video production is easy and very effective, so consider using this marketing method the next time you wish to get your message across. Great information on how to get started using animation to promote your online business, love it. Video keeps attention longer rather than just text, beside that video is easier to remember.
We make animated marketing video on the Internet about your product and as a solution to motivate the visitors to stay longer on your website in order to deliver more traffic. This is standard thinking.More and more, however, you're starting to see companies take a chance and use animated marketing videos to help tell the story of their company in a quick, informative, and entertaining way. Nowadays, most companies are using animated explainer videos to do it, because they explain any product or service in a few seconds and drive the right audience to convert. This is why these kinds of animated videos are so good when explaining complex, technologic or even state-of-the-art material. Not all explainer video companies make high-quality animation and if the characters can’t move properly and don’t look alive, the human approach is missing and the animated video won’t be so engaging or memorable. This generates intrigue and anticipation, making the audience willing to keep watching what’s next on the video. So choosing one over the others will depend on your target audience and your marketing goals.
There, you’ll be able to download our free educational eBooks, infographics and slides to become a video marketing whiz and boost every one of your online campaigns! The number of animated video production companies has escalated, some offering more features than others.
They’re OK but will have their limits, usually in reduced functionality or leaving embedded logos in finished videos (like the video I made below).
I have used them on numerous occasions to test out the effectiveness of this form of marketing. Don’t worry, there are dozens of animated marketing video production companies that will create them for you.

Putting a short animation together could cost you as little as $10 or up to $100 for a 1 minute video, not bad! From the simple whiteboard presentation with a basic soundtrack to the more professional one with a custom audio track specifically made for the video with fancy morphing graphics. As the videos are made up of small scenes, it is easy to hold the attention of a visitor for at least a minute or two – more than the usual few seconds. I’m a big fan of animation and would love to learn more about it, and this was exactly what I needed it seems.
I find VideoScribe has a really cool interface, and I can get around it OK after just a few hours of video making.
We know exactly all about a promotional animated marketing video that important for your campaign result. An interesting and exciting animated marketing video is a good solution for your marketing campaign. After watching the animated marketing video, the audience will most likely curious about your products. Therefore, your marketing results will be demised due to the lack of good character animation. So, as marketers we have less time to capture attention spans. Without any sort of video, consumers tend to lose attention quickly and leave sites. Like the name suggests, these videos are animated, and require a great deal of creativity to ensure it's done right.
But rest assured, if it is done right, it will result in your visitors staying longer and even clicking through to more pages on your website.Due to the level of creativity involved in creating a great video, animated marketing videos are often times are intimidating for marketers of business owners to take on. At IMPACT, we're experienced in the process of creating great videos for our clients as well as our own website, so let us share with you what you'll need to create killer animated marketing videos.At IMPACT, we work with only the best animators and voiceover professionals.
Quick simple sketches are fine, but make sure the story flows and shows transitions (even a one minute video needs a beginning, middle, and end).Provide detail in your storyboard by using arrows to show how the screens will transition, how an object will come into the screen, and also indicate any sound effects you'd like to include.
If you're in the medical industry, you'll obviously want a more serious tone.However, if you're a young internet marketing company, you'll want a tone that conveys more personality and color. Make sure the tone fits both your brand and the message you're trying to convey.Review and RefinePerhaps the most important aspect of successfully made animated marketing videos is the review process.
You'll need to watch and re-watch the video so many times, the dialogue will be permanently burned into your memory.The voiceover needs to be perfect and relatable. Making small changes to the animation to make sure it matches your concept completely is extremely important. We work with only the best animators and voiceover professionals, so give us a call at IMPACT and learn how we can help you get started!

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