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View All Websites Turnkey Websites for Sale with a Difference!All of Sitegaps websites for sale, are fully built - exactly as you see in the demos and come complete with a domain name. Members of the Amazon Associates network can list products from Amazon, banner advertisements, and links on their websites and receive compensation fees while you do it.
What it does for you and your business is enable you to feature advertisements on your site in line with the products you sell.
Select from thousands of advertisers and feature their products and services on your website. Affiliate web site revenue streams include the Amazon Associates network and banner advertisements by default.

If you reside in or plan on moving to these states in the near future, please consider our Dropship websites instead. Naturally, you can also feature affiliate products from other sources to increase your revenue streams.
You only concern is featuring the right items on your website, which is easy with our automated system.
We will aim to have your website live within 48 working hours of receipt of your form (Often a lot quicker!) For those of you who are able to set up the site themselves you will be able to download it immediately after purchase. These online properties already integrate with Amazon and fetch products through their affiliate network.

Profit is generated based on clicks or impressions and a maximum of three AdSense advertisements can be featured on a single page of your website. All product details and information, including price, come straight from the affiliate network.

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