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Thousands of affiliates have purchased these packs and as a testament to their effectiveness i am now releasing the 56th pack in the series.
This product is jam-packed with all of the essential data that Amazon affiliates need to create a great looking and effective cash-generating website in whatever niche is being offered at the time. I have deepened my funnel for this launch, offering a $197 ticket product…which pays out a massive 35% to my affiliates! In this step you’ll learn how to find affiliate marketing programs for beginners so you can select the right niche and product for maximum success. Another great aspect to look for in an affiliate program is the opportunity for residual commission. There are two basic methods of joining an affiliate program to promote a product, Affiliate Networks and Direct Affiliate Programs. Affiliate networks are great because they offer you the ability to promote many different products from a variety of niche markets.
Cost Per Action(CPA) is getting paid for a user to take a specific action on a company’s website other than buying a product.
My Amazon Affiliate range of done-for-you niche packs have become synonymous with both great quality and amazing value-for-money on the Warrior Forum…and beyond! Included are detailed kw data + exact match data, royalty free product review videos, WP headers and themes, banner graphics, infographics, articles, softwares plus much, much more…!

I have also mixed up the funnel a little for this launch and added a 3-pack of Pro Amazon Affiliate Review Sites based directly upon the 3 sub-niches on offer with this product…plus the new addition of infographics; massively popular and excellent for generating traffic and niche authority!
It’s much easier to market a product you are passionate about because that comes through your marketing to the prospective customer. For instance, if you’ve sold houses as a real estate agent, perhaps promoting real estate investment training products would be a great fit. However, before I jump into that I to make sure you know a few important details about the product you’ll promote.
Networks operate on the basis of companies partnering with the affiliate network to gather affiliate marketers to promote their products. With this type you, as the affiliate marketer, are paid based on referring a sale of the product. This way you sign up for their affiliate program directly with them and get paid directly from them.
However, not all monthly subscription products pay commission on each monthly rebill of the customer. There are affiliate marketers who earn tens of thousands of dollars per month promoting CPA offers.
As you follow this affiliate marketing tutorial for beginners, you’ll be setting yourself up for success!

No matter how much you love a product if the commission is small then your business will suffer. In fact, some really great products are only offered directly from their own company affiliate program.
Finally, select a product or offer to promote by researching affiliate networks and company’s direct affiliate programs.
Too many people get started in affiliate marketing with the idea of making money without knowing these simple truths. So a great combination to look for is a product with a high commission and has a monthly subscription. Some examples are landing page creator services, web hosting services, and email marketing services to name just a few. It’s in your best interest to look into multiple affiliate programs before selecting the product or products you will promote.

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