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Ebay Ad Maker is free software designed to make auction ads creation and management easier.
Days before the Nintendo Digital Event even started, a rumor cropped up for a supposed photo of the E3 2014 show floor, featuring an advertisement for a game called Mario Maker. Just as the name of the game suggests, Mario Maker will allow players to create their own Super Mario Bros.

Facebook is taking the wraps off its mobile ad network after saying the early results helped lead to big gains for apps like Shazam and game makers like Glu Mobile, the developer behind Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.
Mario Maker — a tentative working title — will be coming to the Nintendo Wii U in the first half of 2015. Nintendo mentioned that these are just the art styles available in the E3 version of Mario Maker, so it sounds like the final product may include even more to toggle between.

And now there will one more addition in the list of endorsements of Kareena.Going by the latest report, Kareena Kapoor shot for an advertisement yesterday for a luxury car maker.

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