Timber companies with the most exports

This ranking shows timber companies with the highest amount of timber shipped in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. The amount is calculated using the freight-on-board (FOB) value (a value used to calculate the volume of an export).

  • Perú
  • Ecuador
  • Colombia
  • Bolivia
General Manager:
Navarrete Rejas Hugo Javier (Loreto, Perú)
According to an analysis by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) in their report entitled “The Moment of Truth,” eight of the 219 Forest Transport Guides (GTFs) presented by Peruvian Flooring in 2015 were found to be of illegal origin. The GTFs were presented to the National Superintendency of Tax Administration (SUNAT) of Peru. Additionally, there is a high risk that another 14 of the 219 GTFs include false information, potentially covering up the exportation of illegally-sourced timber.