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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang | A Fun Action MOBA Game 

Are you the type of person to look for a game that allows you to play with fellow gaming enthusiasts in a world you could control and customize? Then, you are in for a treat by downloading and playing Mobile Legends on PC. With this, you get to be a champion capable of battles, survival, and strategic play. You are on your way to becoming the most skilled and highest-ranked player of all. Playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is the start of your once-in-a-lifetime journey.

When we say treat, it means you are expecting nothing but the best free PC game yet! This action-packed game comprises many different adventures requiring masterful gameplay, teamwork, and strategy. Your ultimate goal: reach mythic glory! Each victory leads to more challenges awaiting triumph. It also brings rewards that motivate you to go even higher in the leaderboards. When we say one of a kind, it means a unique and customized experience. Your journey from warrior to mythic in the realms of this exciting game is truly one for the books!

This game does not disappoint over time as well. Frequent updates provide new features, additional skins, fixed bugs, and improved gameplay. They all contribute to lesser issues and greater satisfaction throughout your gaming experience! Mobile Legends PC is for the naturally talented and adventurous gamers like you!

Here's What to Expect with Mobile Legends for PC

Master your Mobile Legends Game

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang allows you to be your own master. First, it allows you to choose the mode you want to play in. You rely on the classic multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) for genuine gameplay. Here, you could return to the typical MOBA maps and take on 5v5 battles against real opponents. Fight over lanes to take the enemy’s tower, kill wild bosses, and explore uncharted territory. You also have the survival mode, where you brawl your way through to emerge the last team—or player—standing. All teams composed of three players are on the same map, and there’s a maximum of 99 players per game. Finally, there’s Magic Chess. It's the chess-like strategy game where you use the champions (that’s you and the other players) to defeat the opponent’s strategy and game.

Features to Amplify Your Gaming Experience

Whichever mode you choose, you’ll surely love the gaming experience. Graphics are topnotch. Controls are simple and easy. It boasts of a virtual joystick and skill buttons at the touch of your fingertips. Plus, there's an auto-lock and target sifting features and the convenient tap-to-equip system. No wonder it is a wild ride to becoming a master. The characters also speak, with some selected full-on language support in different regions (Japanese, for example).

And if you are afraid of sudden lags or connection drops, ML got you covered. The game’s reconnection system is so powerful it accommodates lots of players to play simultaneously. If you are dropped from the game due to intermittent connection, you can be back in the game in a matter of seconds. While you are offline, don’t worry because the PC game’s AI system will control your character temporarily.

Be Part of a Mobile Legends Heroes Team

When you put together multiple players who are all masters of their games, you won’t easily fail. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang allows you to play with your friends in rank, classic, brawl, survival, and strategic modes. Expand your network and befriend other players worldwide. This game covers a wide player base, particularly Asia. Then, you create your teams.

What these teams do is a fight to the death until you become victorious! You’re in this together, in every challenge and battle therein. You support each other in blocking damages, controlling enemies, and even healing the wounded comrades. Once again, you could choose from various champions, both existing—tanks, mages, marksmen, assassins, supports—and upcoming.

Put Your Skills to the Ultimate Test

If those are not yet enough, how about we put you in matches? Yes, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, like popular dating sites, also has a knack for matchmaking. It only takes 10 seconds to make a match for an unforgettable 10-minute battle. There’s also less boring waiting and repetitive farming, so it sure does bring the thrill and fist-pumping victories a whole new meaning.

But how does the matchmaking happen? The game somehow keeps track of your historical data and personal accomplishments in the game and matches you and your opponent based on these. You never have to worry about going against someone below your level, nor that the person will win based on things other than skill and gameplay.

If you want to be better prepared, watch other higher-ranked players and, as they say, learn from the best. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang PC does maintain its reputation to be of high-level skills.

Endless Opportunities at Mobile Legends on PC

The cherry on top when talking about Mobile Legends are the bonuses! There are new skins monthly, so rebrand your avatars as fiercer looking champions. Regular rewards in forms of in-game currency are also given at the end of each season—which is three months. The higher your rank is, the better rewards you’ll get. This does not include the in-game buffs one may find in neutral areas. All of these are in the game for free! But there are some more where you must use real money for a purchase, but that’s only if you’re invested!

And if you emerge at the top of your game, you have a chance to be a famous ML player. This game is arguably the easiest game to start one’s career in the streaming industry. If you are looking for opportunities, Mobile Legends does its wonder!

Mobile Legends for PC: Experience Great PC Features

If you enjoyed playing Dota, then you will surely love playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. It’s a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) action game where players would choose a hero to use, and then team up to form a team of five. They would battle it out inside the arena against another five-man team.

The goal of the game is simple: destroy the other team’s main tower. This game is a mobile version of the popular Dota game. One thing, however, that differentiates it is that ML continues to evolve, offering new updates and heroes for players to acquire. You can also upgrade and level up your heroes, increasing their stats and abilities. In this article, let’s discuss the features the game offers.

Constant Upgrades and Mobile Legends Heroes Updates

Developers of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang for PC are constantly upgrading and updating the game. This includes making improvements, removing bugs, and providing new content as well as new heroes to acquire. This is great since players, both old and new, will always look forward to something new. They won’t have to worry about the game becoming boring or dull.

Smart Offline AI Assistance

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang also features smart offline AI assistance, which is a big help, especially when you or a member of your team drops out because of internet connection. When a player drops out, his/her hero will automatically move to avoid a 4-on-5 scenario, ensuring fairness during matches.

Mobile Legends Unblocked Is Not Pay-to-Win

Probably the best feature that Mobile Legends PC has is that it’s not pay-to-win. While in-game purchases are available, those that you can buy don’t give an unfair advantage. Spenders will only have a slight advantage to get new skins and skills for heroes. But at the end of the day, matches will always come down to how skilled the player is in using their hero.

If you want to constantly win, you will have better chances if you will practice and master a certain hero. It increases your chances of constantly winning battles and helping your team win.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Guide - Best Heroes to Use in 2020

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of the most popular games today. Millions all over the world play this 5v5 Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) action game. One of the main reasons why people love this game is its competitive nature. You choose a hero to play, team up with other players, and battle it out inside an arena against other players. The best team wins.

The main factor that helps you to win constantly in Mobile Legends is the heroes you'll choose to play. But with so many different heroes available, which among them is the best one to use? Which hero will provide you a higher chance of getting many kills in the game? This is what we’ll discuss.

The Different Classes in Mobile Legends for PC

Before identifying the Mobile Legends' best heroes to use, it’s important to discuss first the different classes in Mobile Legends. Each hero will belong under one class and determine your role in the team. There are six classes: Tank, Mage, Marksman, Support, Fighter, and Assassin.

Tanks are the team’s shield and defense. Tank heroes usually have high health and defense, allowing them to withstand hits. They’re in the middle of the battle provoking enemies to hit them because of their high defenses.

The mage is a long-range magic damage dealer, relying on powerful spells to deal damage. They have high mana but low defense and HP. This makes them easy to kill.

A marksman is similar to mage in dealing with long-range damage. But instead of magic, their damage is physical. They are considered as the hero killers because their abilities deal heavy damage to enemies.

Fighters are the game’s melee fighters. They have the best balance of HP, damage, and defense, allowing them to be in the middle of the fight.

Supports are like mages, having high mana but low health and defense. Their spells are mostly made of healing and buffs for teams and debuffs for enemies.

The last class is the assassin, which specializes in ambushing and dealing high damage to enemies. Their skills are mostly made of being stealthy and dealing with high sneak attack damage.

The Best Mobile Legends Heroes to Use Per Class

Now that we know the different classes, it’s time to talk about the best hero to use per class. Note that the developer is consistent in updating and coming up with new heroes. So a great hero now could simply be good in a few months. With that, below are some of the best heroes you can use per class.


To better protect your team, you should use tank heroes mostly. They’re also the heroes that you constantly purchase when you have enough tickets or Battle Points. Below are the best tanks in the game currently:

  • Atlas
  • Khufra
  • Grock
  • Lolita
  • Hylos


If you prefer a hero with higher damage than a tank but enough defense and health to survive a fight, then focus on Fighters. The best fighters to have in the game are:

  • Badang
  • Freya
  • Xborg
  • Chou
  • Silvanna


If you like giving melee damage in a sneak and stealthy ninja-like fashion, then Assassins are the heroes for you. You should be focusing on acquiring the five best ones right now:

  • Hanzo
  • Natalia
  • Gusion
  • Helcurt
  • Lancelot


If hunting heroes is your forte, then Marksman should be your focus. You should buy and upgrade them most often. Below are the best marksmen in the game:

  • Granger
  • Karrie
  • Kimmy
  • Bruno
  • Lesly


If you want to help keep your team alive and assist in any way possible, then support heroes are your choice. Use your Battle Points and tickets to acquire them. Below is a list of the best support heroes:

  • Carmillia
  • Estes
  • Kaja
  • Diggie
  • Nana


If powerful magic spells are the kind of damage you want to inflict your enemies with, then you should choose Mages. Focus on upgrading and acquiring heroes under this class. The best mages to get are:

  • Luo Yi
  • Pharsa
  • Zhask
  • Lylia
  • Aurora
  • Esmeralda

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Knowledge Base

Is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang A Pay-To-Win Game?

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang PC Game is one of the popular PC games available today. It’s a 5-vs-5 Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) action game whose goal is to destroy the other team’s main tower inside their base. Each team has five players working together to win.

Though the game is fun and entertaining, a question haunts new players about competitive games: is it pay-to-win?

In some games, spenders would just constantly make purchases to have an unfair advantage over everyone else. But is it the same with Mobile Legends Unblocked? Do spenders have an advantage in this game over free-to-play players? This is what we’ll look at in this article.

  • Does Spending in ML Provide Advantage?

    ML is a free-to-download game. But like most games, it offers in-game purchases. In the game, you can buy diamonds and new skins or unlock skills. While these are also available for free, you will have to grind and win rewards first. When you spend money, you could easily get the advantages and even buy as many as you want.

    But is being able to buy this provide spenders an advantage over non-spenders? Yes, they do.

  • Teamwork Between Mobile Legends Heroes

    However, it’s not an unfair advantage like in other competitive games. At best, the chances of winning battles increase. However, the game still prohibits spenders from dominating the game.

    One major reason for this is that Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a team game. The success of winning matches, especially ranked ones, will boil down on how good the entire team is in working together.

    In cases where one good player racks up the skills for his team, they would still lose the overall battle. If the other team has a good strategy at defending their base while also pushing the other team back, then they will more likely win.

  • Skills Matters in Mobile Legends PC

    Another major reason why spenders don’t have a big advantage is the fact that this game emphasizes more on the players' skills. Mastering the use of a hero will give you a bigger advantage than spending money to unlock hero skills or getting the latest heroes. You will know how to properly use the hero in any situation and skew the battle towards giving you an advantage.

    Even when using only the free heroes, you would easily defeat the newer heroes if you are skilled enough. Chances are higher when the owner hasn’t learned how to properly utilize the hero yet.

  • So Is Mobile Legends Pay-to-Win?

    The answer is no. As long as you are skilled in playing the game, and you have good teammates, your chances of winning will always be high even as a free-to-play gamer.

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