Bird tattoos are a traditionally less popular type of tattoo that has become increasingly popular in recent years. While storks were not always considered to be associated with birth, this has become the common interpretation for the stork. There are many different types of birds that one may tattoo on themselves, along with many different variations of what the tattoo could potentially mean. There are many different meanings that bird tattoos may have, and many different things that bird tattoos may symbolize. They are seen in many cultures as an exotic bird that finds its home in beautiful rain forests or on the beach oif a tropical island.

Birds have always been regarded as mythical creatures that have been rumored to posses powers and knowledge far beyond our own capabilities. Depending on the type of bird, a bird tattoo may symbolize heroism, protection, or even the ability to take a bird’s eye view on a subject (in other words, to see the whole picture). This has made the parrot tattoo a fairly popular type of bird tattoo for a number of years. While this doesn’t mean that every interpretation of what the owl represents is a negative one, there are many old stories that have been passed through the generations that have made the owl out to be a less than trustworthy creature. The owl is also commonly depicted as an all-knowing, intelligent being, and in many old stories the owl is depicted as the voice of reason.

In many cultures the stork is revered as a divine creature that is responsible for bringing human life into existence. This concept traces back hundreds of years to the likes of the Bible and Qur’an, where the dove was presented as a omen of good fortune in various stories.

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