Viking tattoos are slowly becoming popular all around the world and have been a favorite by many celebrities.
The most common place for hosting a Viking tattoo is the arm and the upper arm in particular. Generally, the majority of Viking tattoos wearers choose to get them done in black or dark shades.
A frowned viking warrior’s head adorned by some tribal design (very suitable for this kind of tattoo).

Anyone familiar with Celtic history knows that the Vikings were strong and fierce warriors often adorned by long-braided beards, corneal helmets and… you guessed it, tattoos.
The width of an average arm (let alone a muscled one) offers a great location for elaborating a precious piece of Viking art.
The use of a brown-red palette scale of hues is another possibility for this kind of tattoo. Note the viking’s hollow eyes which not only add some creeps to the look but also serve as a great technique to bring out front the whole head.

Hence, a Viking tattoo will be an excellent choice for depicting heroism, loyalty, strength, courage and brotherhood like no other. Other optional places are the upper back, being an ample location to feature a detailed tattoo and the leg – women’s number 1 location of choice for starring a Viking tattoo.

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