The powerful eagle, the traditionally styled USMC name, and the globe can be combined in different ways to showcase US Marine bravery. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Marine Corps Tattoos, Marine Tattoos, Patriotic Tattoos and Sailor Tattoos. Check out this awesome tattoo design combining the USMC eagle, the globe, and the USMC logo.
The skull with a navy cap sits in the middle of this powerful red and black colored USMC tattoo design on the upper back.
Set in a rich red and blue combination with touches of gold this forearm tattoo design showcases true Marine pride and honor beyond the shadows of death.
The magnificent USMC logo with an eagle and a globe combines with a date in this stunning personalized tattoo. Inked in a pattern of bold angles and curves this USMC name tattoo has an elegant old style appeal.
The eagle and globe part of the design come alive in detailed black shades while the USMC name is inked in bright red below in this tattoo design. Styled in a classic flowing font this is a script tattoo for the forearm with delicate patterns inked in lighter shades in the background of the design. This stylized script tattoo showcases the USMC logo in its rich and angular classic font style. The stylized form of the USMC eagle sits inked in artistic strokes in this single color tattoo design. This is an amazingly realistic tattoo design in a burst of red, blue, and brown that showcases the pride of serving the country.

The devil dog sits at the heart of this colorful forearm tattoo with a background pattern in the American flag colors.
This fresh tattoo design in red and vivid black highlights the USMC logo with a script in strong Serif font lettering.
Inked in a realistic shaded pattern with the American stars as a part of the design this is a detailed devil dog theme tattoo.
A red patterned skull showcases the death theme in this powerful 3D style insignia theme USMC tattoo design.
This back tattoo highlights the USMC name in a detailed 3D style with the shading adding an effect of density and depth.
The figure of an US Marine Corps soldier sits in front of this realistically inked USMC tattoo design. The USMC eagle sits proudly on top of this USMC tattoo design in which the globe face is turned to showcase the American continent. Styled in a bold and modern Serif font with gradients inside the letters this a simple USMC tattoo for the side of the body. An elaborate pair of wings drapes around this detailed USMC and ornate cross design covering all of the upper back. Here is a picture of my new tattoo, been wanting to get it for years and finally went out and got it after being out since ‘96. It is a matter of pride and honor to have the USMC eagle and the globe inked into the design.
While many designs are inked in black with varying shades you also get to see USMC Tattoos with the American flag colors as a part of the design.

The forearm, the upper back, and the side of the body are a few common places where USMC Tattoos are inked. We have gathered a list of Marine Corps tattoos to familiarize you with what it requires to get a perfect style. Many tattoo designs use the anchor and other related elements to make the tattoo more interesting. From the devil dog, to the USMC motto, to a graphic design style depiction in red and black, to angel wings, to a skull, there are plenty of elements that are used to make stunning USMC tattoo designs. Citizens may game the tattoo as a respect, but it’s better to sustain its pleasure with regards to the style. Sometimes people add personal touches to make the USMC tattoo unique while retaining the basic elements.
You can see designs ranging from simple stylized representations using single lines, to very complex pictures made using a variety of colors and shades for rich 3D effects. Sometimes special text messages connected to the USMC are used in the design, and the insignia also appears in Marine tattoos that celebrate the passing of a fellow Marine.

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