Camille Boivin, right, and Philippe Aumond, got tattoos depicting insulin pumps in solidarity with son Jacob, who has Type 1 diabetes.
Some parents get tattoos of their child’s name, but Philippe Aumond and Camille Boivin went one better. A while back, Jacob, diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 3 ½, was excited by the idea of getting an insulin pump that would replace four to five injections a day, and he figured it would be like having his own little robot working for him. She explained to him that every child is different — some wear glasses, others are in wheelchairs, some have blue eyes, others have brown eyes.

Boivin had had one previous tattoo a long time ago, and Aumond, 47, has a few, but she said they’re not the type of people who get inked from head to toe. The family bought the insulin pump and three months’ worth of supplies, and then gave the leftover money to another mother who needed a pump for her child, and to a summer camp for kids with diabetes. In addition, she has reached out to people in a similar situation on her blog and created a support group for parents.
Philippe Aumond and Camille Boivin got tattoos depicting insulin pumps to show solidarity with their son, Jacob, who has Type 1 diabetes.

Boivin said they paid $6,800 for the pump and another $700 for a continuous glucose monitoring system. Twenty families rented cabins for a summertime meet-up weekend, and they plan to do it again, Boivin said.

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