A style of the star is often consists of a black contour adjacent to a less ink on the inside only by filling in the rest of the center followed the tattoo ink. One is a collection of stars, from the back (or not) and end at the hairline, but emerge above shoulder height. Another variation is to be a star in the middle of the neck, like shooting stars that have an ear. The stereotypical image of a star tattoo is beautiful and colorful and not very good in a man. That is, if you want something that can handle it easily, you can choose a tribal tattoo designs and they are more neutral.

It may be a simple sketch, no colors, or be painted within the individual stars in different colors. Conduct, however, if this type of tattoo, and you can be your company and who is to judge someone. In this article I will tell you what they mean, and they say that to about 5 different types of star tattoo designs do you think you want to know before your next tattoo.
They are also very neutral and have no real status of the select mythological or religious, unless you want to be a star to get into a particular style. Tribal style design means that the five points of a star, in a style that can be clearly attributed to possible.

I recommend you avoid this type of tattoo, unless the artist is trained and can convince them otherwise.

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