A review of current tribal dragon tattoos via images and galleries shows tribal dragon tattoos with wings.
European Dragons – This is really a general category; for dragon scholars have divided dragons in two categories, European and Oriental.
While most European dragons are considered malevolent, take into consideration that dragon mythology continues to evolve.
When shopping designs for tribal dragon tattoos, whether it be because you just think they are awesome or because you want some meaning, consider the western dragon that possesses the features that will complement the tribal art tattoo style. If you know you’re Dragons, then you are already aware that almost all oriental dragons are devoid of wings. She is found in Finnish mythology and is described as the mother of the devil and nourishes growing evil dragons for the devil.

A person, who is an admirer of oriental dragons, will need to do some careful design planning if looking for oriental tribal dragon tattoos and designs. They differ from oriental dragons in that their body shape is stout rather than serpent like.
For that reason, this article will explore dragons that reportedly have wings and the dragon’s meaning or role historically.
Note: Oriental dragons are considered benevolent while all other dragons are considered malevolent. The positioning of the dragon also indicates the dragon’s intentions; upward facing equals good, downward facing equates to the opposite. In addition, some images combine the demon and dragon form; presenting with a human body with dragon features.

Additionally, popular culture has also commonly illustrated European dragons with flames pouring from their mouth; this looks terrific in the tribal dragon tattoos. This tattoo would wear well on the chest or back, possibly an arm or leg for men or for women. The European dragon has four legs like the red dragon depicted on the flag of Wales or they have two legs, in which case they are known as Wyvern.
When looking through galleries, images and such for tribal dragon tattoo ideas, choose a beast with four legs as opposed to the Wyvern with two.

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