The demand for body art designs featuring tribal art work continues to grow as this is a popular style that is also a very versatile which that can be adapted and applied to almost any image from natural elements like flowers or animals to iconic religious symbols. These tribal cross tattoos can be depicted as stand alone images for placement on a smaller surface of skin but they can also be incorporated into larger designs as well as being suitable for a variety of differing parts of the body.
Small to medium designs of this kind are popular for placement on areas like the arm – the forearm and bicep are particularly favored by male tattoo enthusiasts – as well as the upper back (for men) and the lower back for women, who want a classier take on the notorious tramp stamp designs of old. The Celtic cross in particular is a firm favorite with both male and female body art enthusiasts and this offers spiritual connotations rather than more fundamental religious symbolism, which may be why it appeals to such a wide range of individuals.
One of the most popular designs of this kind are those for tribal cross tattoos whether these emulate the traditional Latin cross or the more spiritual Celtic variety.

These are particularly also popular for designs emulating the style of Celtic artwork for placement on a larger canvas of skin like the back or chest and this is a very distinctive design that makes a strong visual impact as a bigger tattoo however some of the smaller versions are as effective in their simplicity as their more elaborate counterparts. This particular image is also very old and actually predates the Christian version so it is of strong historical significance as well as having aesthetic value. These tribal cross tattoos have a circle at the intersecting point and this ‘knot’ in the centre also features in many other Celtic artwork designs. These lines usually run vertically and horizontally however they can also be depicted so they sit at an angle and this oblique style is referred to as a saltire which is a popular way of depicting body art designs of this kind.
This is often adorned with additional artwork and the elaborate spirals, knots and key patterns associated with the ancient Celts are particularly popular in dark monochrome ink designs.

These can be scaled to suit a variety of different placement areas depending on whether the individual wants a small, medium or large designs so let us take a look at some of the most widely requested body parts for this style of tattoo.

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