Join Date Jan 2011 Location SF Bay Area Posts 861 Blog Entries2 Re: Tattoo silhouette and negative space I am on the fence about whether or not to fill in negative space in a traditional American sleeve or set of tattoos. Join Date Mar 2012 Location Sacramento, CA Posts 107 Re: Tattoo silhouette and negative space I am with you on the large scale Japanese work. Join Date May 2011 Location Portland Oregon Posts 1,343 Images 12 Re: Tattoo silhouette and negative space Originally Posted by Kev Tijerina I thought this belonged here as a great example of negative space. Contest Winner Join Date Apr 2011 Posts 964 Blog Entries1Images 12 Re: Tattoo silhouette and negative space Originally Posted by Kev Tijerina I thought this belonged here as a great example of negative space.
I love doing large scale Japanese style tattoos, so It’s not often that I get to finish a tattoo in one session but today was cool that I filled a cancellation with a gypsy girl wearing skull makeup.
As well as working at Modern Classic Tattoo, I also work at a few conventions and take appointments at Frith Street, Soho, each Sunday. For details of tattoo appointments and my availability, please call the shop on the number above.
I don’t usually do commercial illustration or commissioned work outside of tattooing. When you’re working on a traditional tattoo sleeve or body suit you can be left with a number of awkward gaps and spaces after the bigger pieces have been completed.
You may have already seen this article and video on the first experiment of a 3D printing tattoo machine.

Here is the story of Justin Spakowitz, who covered his face with tattoos when he was 19 years old and now, 10 years later, he has grown so sick of the discrimination he faces that he has decided to get rid of his face tattoos. A recent survey has suggested that a surprising number of people who get tattooed will experience some form of allergic reaction, be it pain, prolonged rashes, inflammation, itching and severe scabbing lasting months!
Now an ugly tattoo doesn't necessarily mean that it is done badly, it can simply mean the tattoo is of a subject that isn't all that great. Posts 185 Images 1 Re: Tattoo silhouette and negative space Sorry to drag up an old thread (not sure if that's bad form, but I don't believe I'm able to start new ones yet) -- I just had a little question that relates to this. I sometimes offer paintings and drawings for sale, but they are produced irregularly and without specific direction, depending on my tattooing workload. Usually such gaps are filled with small stars or dots but alternatively you can be a little more creative and fill the gaps with quirky little traditional tattoo filler designs. The principle is simple: give a design to a machine, and let it tattoo it on the skin of the customer.
People tend to associate face tattoos with dropouts, criminals, and someone who is either wasted or — enough to get a face tattoo.
Although you would really have to have a seperation there, one as traditional warm colors, and the other some cool grayline or vice versa. My sleeve came together from a bunch of bigger and smaller tattoos placed a bit haphazardly.

Traditional filler tattoos are small and simple images that can be used to cover awkward blank spots and bring the other tattoos together!!Tattoo fillers are a great way to complete an old school sleeve or tattoo collection and offer some awesome creative opportunities. I had ideas of what I liked, but was open to getting classic designs that filled the spaces I had to work with.
Thanks to everyone who got tattooed and to Ian for hosting a great convention without nonsense. Small, simple and bold traditional tattoo filler designs are always a fun option as you can literally choose anything that fills those last odd shaped spaces; a small eagle, a message in a bottle or even a sharks head, traditional filler tattoos offer almost endless freedom!! I would have gotten more small tattoos and did just a few stars and dots to tie it together. So if you’re stuck on filling a traditional sleeve be sure to checkout these 20 traditional tattoo filler ideas!!

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