Many tattoo enthusiasts opt for designs that reflect their cultural heritage or ancestral roots so if you are a patriotic Englishman then you may need some ideas for English tattoos of which there are a great many options. With the demand for body art greater than ever before, it can be difficult to find a design that is more unique especially if you want it to follow a popular theme like English tattoos.
If you need inspiration for these kinds of English tattoos, it is worth researching medieval manuscripts to see how beautiful this style off writing really was.
Depending on the body part you have selected for your chosen design, you may want to use just a few words if it is a smaller area of skin or alternatively for a larger canvas you could use an entire poem or a passage from the bible in Old English writing.

Not only it is a really cool trend that is hot news in the tattooing industry all over the world but it is a perfect design in which to use old English style font like Blackletter or the Gothic style of writing that is known as textualis. Other popular ideas for English tattoos include traditional images of Medieval England such as jousting knights, dragons, damsels in distress, coats of arms and of course the English National flag.

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