The initial album coming out of this period, Breaking Silence, would be her first in ten years. Meanwhile this month marked plenty of political drama on top of the sequester, 2013 C-PAC conference took place with heavy hitters, Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, Rick Perry, Michelle Bachman and Paul Ryan each taking the podium. From the world of basketball, to politics, to Popes, to tennis, pop culture & comic books “March Madness” was never a more appropriate phrase to describe the past month.
As John Allen of the National Catholic Reporter writes, “Either John Paul II or Benedict XVI appointed each of the 117 cardinals who will cast a ballot, including 11 Americans, so there will be little ideological clash. Lured by a bill that included Tom Paxton and Janis Ian, we knew we were in for an evening of top-notch folk music. I know that earlier in my life -- through my 20s possibly into my 50s, I viewed her as a pop artist with a social conscience. The FBI would contact each school administration every two years when he’d be up for tenure.

In this adaptation of Richard Castle’s second Derrick Strom novel, the private investigation is hired to help a wealthy woman get back the money she lost to a con artist, but what should have been routine mission quickly spirals out of control when the con artist reaches out to Storm seeking his help finding a missing woman. Between the Emerald City Comic Convention, news came out that Geoff Johns would be leaving his tenure on Green Lantern, his long running DC title, and a flagship book of DCU: The New 52.
The cuts were enacted by the Budget Control Act of 2011 and initially set to begin on January 1 but that date was postponed by two months by the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012.
The fans in South Beach got their money’s worth with these two great athletic tennis players. On the men’s side the tennis world was happy to reaffirm how much it missed the prodigal son, when Nadal returned to the U.S. FOX announced that the 2-part, season finale of American Idol would be May 15th & 16th. From the West coast, to the East coast, by the end of the month the tennis world came together in South Beach for the annual Sony Open tournament.

This film was wonderfully rendered and perfectly set up for plenty of Oscar recognition from top to bottom. That prize went to local hometown resident, Serena Williams who won her 6th Miami trophy making her the most decorated female tennis athlete in the Miami Sony Open tournament history. FOX announced that the season finales of Bob’s Burgers & American Dad would be May 12th.
Bernard Chang would be the new artist on Green Lantern Corps, and that DC would launch a 5th GL-centric title, LarFleeze, the Orange Lantern from Keith Giffen and Scott Kolins.
Asked in a later interview if she had any regrets, she replied, “Not for an eighth of a second.” She always knew there was no place for a person like her in the American school system.

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