Tattoos have a certain aesthetic charm, and footballers have been known to flaunt their iconic inks. Apart from the bruises from vigorous training and on-field confrontation, footballers sport other scars as well—scars that speak volumes about them, that hint towards a symbolic moment in their life, that remind them of their past, that they wear like an armour… Their tattoos.
He’s known for his typographical tattoos, which spell the words ‘ousadia’ meaning ‘boldness’, and ‘alegria’ meaning ‘joy’.

Quite recently, he celebrated the success of his club and his country by tattooing the Champions League trophy and the World Cup on his calves. Daniele De Rossi, Tim Howard, Daniel Alves and Nigel de Jong are few other players known for their awesome tattoos. He also has the tattoos of two jokers—one smiling and the other crying to symbolise the saying ‘Laugh now and cry later’.

Ultimately, it’s a vicious cycle in which causes and effects interchange to the detriment of the user and their living situation.

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