MAGIX phot editor is free software that gives classic and antique touch to your pictures, it is very easy to operate and is the best software to edit photos for the home and student use. Digikam is not only a free photo editng software but it has photo management interface in it for your computer. Stoik image is the lightest yet fastest in procession photo editing software which has many features that made it look like a professional picture editor. Photoscape is the best photo editing tool because it has millions of user and it very light and fast in processing.
Photo Pos is the software developed by Power of Software and it falls as a number one software lists of free photo editors and free image editing softwares. If you are a student or a professional you need a photo editing tool which i easy to get and easy to use. It can be used as professional editing tool but it requires the operator to have a vast knowledge about photo editing.
It is free software but yet it is used as professional tool by digital painters and graphic designers.

This is the only sofware that includes almost all features of photo editing in such a small memory size.
This is not only a photo editing editing software, it is an online photo manager and uploader. The factors that made it to be the best are its features and price and the price is absolutely free.
Many great photo editors are available but the need a professional hand to have command on them which everyone of you wont have.
Acornsoft has created this best free photo editing software to use with MAC (Apple’s Operating system). The best feature that a free photo editing software can ever had is the panorama mode  piture which digikam has and this makes digikam a perfect free software to edit your photos.
It include many such features that are supposed to be in professional photo editing software which professional designers use. This has video editing interface too and this feature makes it a complete kit of photo editing.

The features it has are those for which you have to pay around $40 and Photo Pos is offering all those in free software.
This give rise to a need of free to download and easy to use photo editors which are available in hundreds of numbers on internet. It does not support digital photography use because it has some features lagging in this category.
The initial price shows that it has best features to be sold as professional photoo editior.
Before uploading every picture is subject to editing tool which includes every option to make it a best photo editing software.
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