If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Derrick Rose Tattoos, Trey Songz Tattoos, Adam Levine Tattoos and Soulja Boy Tattoos. The rich rapper has got a variety of tattoos on his arms and all of them look freaking awesome, enhancing his rock star charm.
The two celebrity rappers sit together and we are sure Nicki must be thinking about getting some tattoos for herself as she has only one on her upper arm.
Birdman seems to be in love with stars as he has got them on his head, neck and arms in a bright and bold display. Birdman makes use of his bald head to get tattoos there and has altogether five-star sitting there. Birdman poses for the cameramen, with his tattooed head and arms covered and only the both hands tattoo visible. Birdman with Lil Wayne, both in a white vest, showing off their arm tattoos in style that creates a cool pose. Among the many tattoos on his arms, the bold numbers figure in a prominent manner, looking distinct and emphatic. Holding the mike in his tattooed hand, Birdman performs to a crazy audience along with his adopted son Lil Wayne. Baby has a flaming money bag next to the words cash money with a 3 and $ sign that indicate his affluent status.
The hip hop star has a style of his own that looks cool when his numerous tattoos covering the arms and neck.

Sporting same outfit and a common love for tattoos, Birdman and MMG boss Rick Ross resemble a pair of twins.
The face of Birdman features tear drops and cross along with several other designs that make him unique in a stylish way.
Birdman has got raindrops on his knuckles that are said to represent the people close to him who are no more with him now. Well, a successful businessman, rapper and record producer, the tattoo loving Birdman has got all that it takes to be a perfect celebrity artist. Cash Money sits bold on Birdman’s hand in the form of a tattoo which is a tribute as well as a sign of love for his recording label.
Birdman is one of the best in the singing game, for sure and the rapper has got more than 50 tattoos on his body featuring on the neck, chest, head and arms.
This image displays a some of the most distinct tattoos of the rapper which includes the cross, tear drops, cash money, stars and the dollar sign.
Birdman poses with other stalwarts with his tattoos making him a stand out among the three.
The best student of Birdman has not only learnt love for music from his mentor but a passion for body art also clicked with him. The big and badass star tattoo on his head is really a head turner which also drew flak from some corners but Birdman loves it, all the same. Get a closer look at the arm tattoos of Birdman which look very clear in this picture showing him in a chic avatar.

Besides being a singer, he is also a businessman and record producer who has earned a lot of bucks from his record label “cash money”. Many of his tattoos are abstract and the meaning unknown but some are very dear to him and look prominent too. Well, it goes without saying that the rapper belongs to the “best and richest” ilk which is a distinct quality for sure but one of his qualities or rather say traits is very similar to that of other rappers. The cash money (his label), portraits of Lil Wayne and his mother, tear drops, cross and star tattoo are the ones that define him. Below, we have created a collection of 25 Birdman tattoos showing the rapper in different poses and styles. For images used on this site, copyright remains with the original image creator unless otherwise specified. He has got more than 50 tattoos on his body parts that include the chest, neck, hand, arms, face and his bald head.

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