The life cycle of a butterfly (or moth) is made up of three stages – the egg, the larva, the pupa, and the adult. In other societies, butterflies are believed to be the souls of the deceased fluttering to heaven. Oftentimes, high school or college graduates get a butterfly tattoo to mark their transition out of school and into adult life.
There are several instances of strong male figures choosing the butterfly as their symbol, like a Roman emperor, Japanese warriors, and fighting priests, but in contemporary culture the butterfly is almost always distinctly female. Butterfly tattoos meanings are best to describe beauty of femininity and a fresh thought of freedom. Here we have some more butterfly tattoos meanings, Lets checkout more butterfly tattoos symbols meaning with us! In many countries butterflies symbolized for Luck and happiness but Japanese think that butterflies are symbolizes for bad luck. We hope you will like these butterfly tattoos meanings in many countries, If you need more butterfly tattoos information and butterflies designs than checkout our BUTTERFLY TATTOOS collection.
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This conviction is partly due to the fact that people observe a caterpillar entering a cocoon and a butterfly emerging.

Insect tattoo designs such as butterflies, along with tribal tattoo designs, were some of the most popular tattoos in the 1990s, and are often associated with tattoo trends. Women who have undergone a difficult or disfiguring illness or surgery sometimes decide to get a butterfly tattoo to mark this time of revival, because butterflies are also a symbol or renewal and rebirth. Like swans that begin life as unattractive ducklings, butterflies begin life as ugly caterpillars.
They believed that the caterpillar died while in the cocoon and was regenerated as a majestic butterfly, just as a human died, leaving behind an empty shell, and their soul moved on to better, more majestic things in the afterlife.
Butterflies are almost always viewed as a feminine insect, because of their beauty, their delicate natures, and their association with life-changing transformations. They feel they are beginning life a second time and that this second life will be more beautiful because of the difficulties they have endured, just like the transformation the caterpillar undergoes to become the butterfly. Kanji Tattoos Kanji tattoos have become very popular because they are subtle, yet powerful not to mention their elegant look.
In some cultures butterflies symbolized as soul, The word butterfly translated in Greek as soul. Although the larvae can be quite destructive to plants because they ingest an enormous amount of vegetation and foliage, the adult butterflies are very important because they pollinate a lot of flowers and plants through their natural feeding.

Sometimes, people who have experienced bullying or teasing because of their physical appearance as children embrace the symbolism of a butterfly, too.
In fact, a variety of flowers have evolved to be attractive to butterflies, either through colors, shapes, or scents. However, in other cultures, butterflies more often symbolism change and metamorphosis in a positive way. They feel they have transitioned into something more beautiful and more graceful, like the awkward caterpillar that becomes an elegant butterfly. Butterflies fly distinctively, unlike other insects, fluttering lightly from flower to flower.
The change of a caterpillar to butterfly is not a violent or traumatic adjustment, but a peaceful, calm, and graceful transition. Girls should aspire to this sort of transformation, too, according to those that embrace this butterfly symbolism.

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