There are a number of different themes and meanings that can be represented using star tattoos. To someone who is interested in astrology, there are many different reasons why they may choose to tattoo some stars on themselves. Their are so many trendy star tattoos out their and makes me think where they are originated.

Some people choose to tattoo only a single star on themselves, while others may choose to tattoo three or four different stars, or even an entire system of stars on themselves.
Other common meanings for star tattoos include wishing (as in, wishing upon a star), heaven and change. Those who are interested in astrology may choose to tattoo a single star, or a set of stars on themselves in order to properly convey whatever message they are looking to convey through the rules of astrology.

There are many different reasons why stars have been known to represent change, and really most of them are up to the interpretation of the individual who is looking to get the tattoo.

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